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Today’s Style Lesson: Fashion Should Be Fun

She’s a high school English teacher and part-time fashion blogger teaching an important style lesson on the web. Dawn Lucy says  Fashion Should be Fun.


The 49- year- old fashionista from San Jose, California gets top marks for her popular blog that is dedicated to real women having fun with fashion over 40.  Dawn prides herself on breaking old rules and taking on controversial trends, showcasing the latest looks in a light and playful way.

deborah boland pink dresI recently had the chance to chat with Dawn about her fun style and carefree approach to dressing at midlife and beyond. Here’s my interview with this Fabulous After 40 Styleblazer.  

Deb: How would you describe your style?

Dawn Lucy: Casual and a bit funky.


dawn lucy poncho

Deb: Your main philosophy is that fashion should be fun. For those women who are terrified of it, what advice can you offer them? How can they lose that fear and embrace fashion with the same sense of whimsy you have?

Dawn Lucy: It’s just a matter of attitude and experimenting. I don’t take myself very seriously, so I play around with fashion risks and silly poses and just see what works. It really IS fun for me. I wouldn’t do it

Deb: You’ve come across lots of rules and lists about fashion for women over 40. What are a couple you particularly despise? Why?

Dawn Lucy: Lots of rules say no distressed denim and no graphic tees over forty. These are two looks that I really like and feel comfortable in.


Deb: As a teacher, are you required to adhere to a certain dress code? If so, how does your fashion philosophy and style fit that code?

Dawn Lucy: At our school, we don’t have any dress code. It’s definitely a California attitude, I think. I love the freedom, but of course, some teachers flounder without guidelines. Teacher outfits totally run the gamut from business looks to … Ummm …. homeless looks! I could do a whole post on this, but I wouldn’t want to insult anyone I work with.


Deb: Do your students or their parents know your blog? How have they responded? 

Dawn Lucy: I teach high school English. I never mention my blogging, and it’s gone under the radar for a while. But recently some kids have found my IG account (and are quite impressed with my number of followers!). I tell them they can follow me, but it’s not something I talk about at work. A few fashionistas around campus will whisper to me sometimes, “Hey, I’m Insta-stalking you … love your style.”


Deb: Jeans and ankle booties are a favorite combination of yours and many women over 40. Why do you think so many women find it comfortable and flattering?

Dawn Lucy: Jeans are a wardrobe staple for me, and I think booties dress them up a bit but still are super comfortable. Plus boots with a little heel are so much more flattering than sneakers or flats.


Deb: What do you think is the key to putting together an A+ casual look?

Dawn Lucy: Comfortable basics and a sense of fun and experimentation. When you feel like you could wear something all day …and would be happy to run into someone you know … then I think the look is a success!


Deb: Does the weather in Northern California present any challenges to your style of dress?

Dawn Lucy: My only complaint about California weather is in September and October when I’m dying to try out some new fall looks, and the weather is solidly summery until after Halloween.


Deb: Trends you are enjoying right now and why? Trends that you wouldn’t touch and why?

Dawn Lucy: I enjoy all trends. Loving the whole 70’s vibe of fashion right now. Very me! I can’t think of a trend I wouldn’t touch. Maybe print pants, coated skinnies …. love the looks, but just not flattering on me.


Deb: Tell us about your particular figure type and how you dress for it. Is it easy, or challenging? Tricks you have learned?

Dawn Lucy: I’m definitely a pear shape, and it is a challenge. It’s taken a whole lifetime of dressing to find out what really works for me. One trick I like is to use layers on top, like a hip bone length top and then a crop-fitted jacket over it. Flares are flattering on me, so I was so happy to see them coming back into fashion!


Deb: You have a love of jewelry. Any pieces that you are partial to (statement necklaces, etc.). Do you build an outfit around a piece of jewelry or do you add it on at the end as an accessory piece?

Dawn Lucy: I do love jewelry! When I have something new, I will build a whole outfit around that one piece. But usually, I put my clothing together first and then add accessories. I love it all. My pet peeves are heavy earrings and bangles that fall off my wrist.


Deb: Anything else you’d like to add?

Dawn Lucy: Thanks so much for asking me to be one of your Styleblazers! I’m super flattered, Deborah!

Thanks, Dawn Lucy for sharing your fabulously fun style with us. Ladies, be sure to visit Dawn Lucy’s blog, Fashion Should Be Fun to see more of her daily outfits and style inspiration.

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  1. I discovered this wonderful fashion blogger through your site. Thanks so much — I love her Boho style and sense of whimsy. She minds me to enjoy fashion and to stop asking, “Am I too old for this?” She makes it all look possible. Thanks so much.

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