7 Favorite Summer Outfits with Hats

Have you ever noticed how some of our favorite summer outfits look so much chicer when worn with a hat?  A hat magically pulls together a casual look and elevates it (not to mention, hats are super practical in the blaring sun too!)

But with so many summer hats, which kind do you wear? Here are 7 cute summer outfits with the perfect hats to match.

Summer outfit with navy fedora Navy Fedora

1. Fedora + White Jeans

Everybody owns a pair of white jeans and a striped top. It’s a classic, nautical summertime look. By merely adding a navy woven fedora, you look like a total Instagram babe! This perky men’s style hat, made famous by Jenifer Aniston, has been trendy over the last several years.

If you haven’t tried one yet, it’s not too late. A fedora looks confident and modern.  Wear it with jeans, shorts, or even a sundress for a sassy, cool gal kind of look. It’s fun, fashionable, and playful.

Sun Hat with Floral Maxi

2. Vintage Sunhat + Floral Midi

A floral maxi dress is pretty in the summer and calls for a hat with a similar look and feel.  This charming sunhat is a perfect match. It has a full front brim, feminine satin ribbon, and a very nostalgic look and feels. This ladylike hat adds a touch of old-world charm and class to a sweet summer look.

Sunhats - Tye Die Bucket

3. Tie Dye Bucket Hat + Denim Shorts

The bucket hat is an all-time summer favorite that looks super cute with a pair of shorts and this fresh front tie tee. It’s a preppy kind of hat, but this year it gets a funky twist with a tie-dye print, which is the newest trend. A bucket hat is great to wear sightseeing, boating, or just hanging out in the summer: canvas espadrilles and a designer cell phone bag complete this sporty outfit.

Embroidered Beach Hat with swimsuit

3. Floppy Straw Sun Hat + Swimsuit

If you are planning on going to the beach, sitting by the pool, or doing any suntanning, you’ll need coverage on your face and shoulders. The best way to do that is with a big, glamorous ladies’ sunhat. I like this straw hat with woven fringe and embroidered flowers. It’s tropical, laid back, and perfect for lounging around the pool or beach.

Summer Hats - Tassled Fedora

5. Colorful Fringe Fedora + Bright Top

Straw Fedoras, with their soft brims and indented crowns, originate from menswear and have been super popular over the last few years, with celebrities wearing them with everything from bikinis to wedding guest attire.

What’s new is the many ways these popular summer straw hats are embellished. One of the latest looks is a Fedora with tassel trim. This darling summer fedora with bold, bright tassels and tiny pompoms circling the brim has a festive feel that makes you feel like you are on vacation in Mexico or Brazil. It’s playful, flirty, and adds a feminine spin to a traditionally masculine hat.

How to Style it

To style, a hat like this, simply pick a color from the trim and match it up with a top in the same color to make the hat pop.  I kept the shorts neutral- too much color will make the eye dizzy. Neutral rope wedge sandals that match your skin tone will create the illusion of long, lean beach legs.

6.  Colorblock Floppy Sunhat + Sundress

There’s nothing more summery than a big, beautiful, floppy beach hat, and it’s super practical too, with all those dangerous UV rays. This blue floppy beach hat is a great example of where sunhats are at today. Colorful sunhats with cheery stripes are trending.

How to Style it

Here’s a tip about styling a floppy sunhat like this. Its size and color make such a statement that it looks really great with a white dress like this that shows it off. You can wear a floppy sunhat with any kind of sundress, but I particularly like it paired with this slim-cut, off-the-shoulder style.

The wide brim style is worn with the sexy off-the-shoulder neckline, and the narrow silhouette gives this outfit a very chic feel. I love the way the soft, white straw baggy complements the fluid feel of the hat.

Note: You can also wear a  floppy sunhat with a more boho look. For example, looser, unstructured clothes with a more natural feel, but the vibe of the outfit will be more casual and beachy. It’s always a very popular summer look.

7. Woven Fringe Bucket Hat + Skinny Jeans

Bucket hats have been popular, but usually, you see the preppy canvas types. It’s a bit of a new twist to see straw bucket hats decorated with raffia fringe. Almost a little Gilligan’s Island, I’d say.

This fringe-trimmed bucket hat says casual, lazy summer days and looks darling with jeans and a tee when you are out and about walking around. It’s preppy, sporty, and downright fun. You’ll also find these fringe bucket hats in soft summer colors, which makes them really stand out. Blue seems to be a trend.

This hat is a great example of how far summer hats have come. At one time, it was a hassle to pack a sunhat for a trip because you had to be careful not to crush it. New materials have made them squished. They’re pricey, but they last for years no matter how hard you are on them.

Other Summer Hats for Women That Have a Playful Vibe

You’ll also find chic wide-brimmed sunhats embroidered with lettering, and cute sayings, Gondolier style boater hats, Hula skirt-themed straw hats, and floppy beach hats monogrammed with your initials.  If you want a wide brim foldable, packable sunhat, here is a great one. To top off your summer with a great new hat and show your playful side!

In the summer, any hat is better than no hat to keep the sun away and maintain a youthful complexion. Plus, a summer hat makes you look more stylish too. Do you wear hats and which of these is your favorite? I’m interested to know.

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