Pump Up Your Style in Floral Print Heels

Some of the summer heels out there are blooming beautiful!

Deborah Boland Floral shoes

Here’s a beautiful pair of floral pumps that I fell in love with.

floral print shoes

I wear many solid colors, so these shoes are the perfect way to add some interest to my outfits. These shoes feel very feminine and modern, and they are surprisingly comfy too.

I’ve made it my mission to wear more heels. I’ve fallen into the flats only rut. Nothing wrong with flats, but if you stay away from heels for too long, it’s hard to get back into wearing them.

Deborah Boland Floral print heels

You start to feel you can’t be bothered with heels. If you do wear them, your feet don’t feel right, and you walk funny.

These shoes inspired me, and I find that wearing heels again has given me a lift! (pun intended.LOL)

Deborah Boland floral heels

I know they are also going to look great with a pink sheath dress I have. They’re like a pretty punctuation mark. They have so many colors in them that they’ll go with everything. I like them best worn with white because they really pop.

Do you wear heels, or have you given them the heave-ho? Would you ever buy a pair of floral print pumps? Maybe you already have. If so, please send me a photo. I’d love to see it.

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6 thoughts on “Pump Up Your Style in Floral Print Heels

  1. I’m on the other end of the spectrum in that I wear heels and only heels :) the one pair of flat “shoes” I own are my gym sneakers and that’s only because they don’t come with lifts. Oddly enough, none of mine are currently floral. Hmm. I love it when I stumble upon the perfect justification for a shopping expedition.

  2. Adore the shoes and would wear all of them, but how can you stand being so covered up, especially in Florida? (Been there, done that place). Outfits are cute but I would broil. Broiling now in Ohio’s humid summer. Thank goodness for the absence of hot flashes!

    1. Hi Kathy,
      I actually bought this outfit in Florida, but I’m currently in Toronto. I only winter part of the year there. Toronto is slowly heating up. Summer, please begin! Glad you like the shoes! Cheers, Deborah

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