Fresh Flower Fashions From Fleurs de Ville

Spring is all about floral fashions, but I bet you’ve never seen floral dresses like these!

This week I was wandering through Mapleview Centre Shopping Mall, here in Burlington, when I came across this!

These fresh floral dresses ( yes they are all real flowers) were part of a special mannequin series that has been touring across Canada.

The series is called Fleurs De Ville. This is what happens when you combine fashion, design and fresh blooms.

Local florists were asked to come up with one of a kind designs for this floral fashion extravaganza, and boy, did they rise to the challenge!

You can see the meticulous detail in every gorgeous dress. So much imagination and thought was put into each creation. I felt I was at a Paris Haute Couture show!

There were so many different themes from Vintage style dresses……

….to Glamorous Red Carpet Hollywood type floral gowns….

…..Ballet Inspired….

…Mod, 60’s feel!

The colors were spectacular!….

And every type of floral you can imagine was used including moss, ferns and succulents.

This was one of my favorites. It reminded me of a Lady Gaga or Cher Costume…spectacular! Talk about inspiring.

Which is your favorite? I’d love to know.

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