Stuck in a Frumpy Style Rut?

Do you feel as frumpy as this woman looks?….. No wonder, you have the  February Blues!

frumpy woman



How do you climb out of that black hole that drags you down this time of year and makes you feel like a tired, old lady?

Pamper yourself!

  • Clean out your make-up drawer and throw out all that old gunk! Then treat yourself to some fresh, beautiful new lipstick and blush.
  • Book a mani-pedicure-the works – including a hot paraffin treatment and a perky new toenail color.
  • Dump all your clothes from your closet onto your bed. Set a timer. Take 1 hour, and that’s it, to decide what stays and what goes. Pack up the old, worn out and the never even worn, and ship it out to the Goodwill fast!
  • Take some quiet time- ALONE- just to flip through magazines, the Internet, TV and look at how women you admire dress, for inspiration.

Jumpstart Your Style - Fashion BookYou’ve got to start somewhere to upgrade your image if we you want to look and feel stylish this spring.

I’m here to help you out of your style rut and get you back on the fashion track so you can look Fabulous after 40, 50, and beyond!

Check it out and start looking Age-Amazing today!

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5 thoughts on “Stuck in a Frumpy Style Rut?

  1. The February blues seem to have hit a lot of my clients too, so im putting them on a plan thats gonna boost their energy and make them feel sexy again!

  2. Oh my! I wish you hadn’t shown a picture of me until you asked first! haha! I feel this way when I don’t take time with my makeup and clothes in the morning…which is today! But I can do better…I know I can! I’m going to look at your Glam Plan! ♥

  3. February is one of the worst months for me, I’ve just got over the Christmas / January ‘hangover’ and then I think oh my god I’ve got to do something, thanks for the tips and defo will be back to check out the Glam Plan.