My Gala Night at Nordstrom Toronto

There’s been a lot of excitement here in Toronto lately with the arrival of Nordstrom. In September, the luxury retailer moved into the Eaton Centre (a huge tourist spot), and last night they opened a gorgeous new store at Yorkdale. I was there for the gala party, and what a fabulous night it was!  Here’s a look at the celebrations and all the fun that came with them.


Champagne, great music, fashion shoes, scrumptious food, and the chance to shop all night long. What more could a fashionista ask for?


Everyone was in an exciting party mood. I had a ball trying on some enjoyable things, like this fluffy pink jacket that made me feel like Zsa Zsa Gabor!


Most of the 40+ gals I spotted were dressed in black (even me, which is unusual), but I did manage to spot a few colorful ones.


At the party, I met André, Nordstrom’s beauty stylist. When you book an appointment with André, he will navigate you through hundreds of cosmetic brands and personally select the best products for your particular needs and skin type. I ended up at the Charlotte Tilbury make-up counter and tried on a stunning light peach lipstick, which I bought. I LOVE the color, but I’m not so crazy about the name of this shade. Take a closer look… (Yes, that really is the name, lol!)


The interesting things I saw last night included a gorgeous gal with the longest legs ever and a woman with some very unusual shoes. Could you have a closer look at her heels?


There were a lot of happy faces. Why? …….. I think it is because, like me, these women know that shopping is about much more than just finding great stuff (which Nordstrom has plenty of). A good shop is all about the total experience. When you have attentive service, a beautiful, modern atmosphere, and a fabulous range of brands to choose from, shopping is as relaxing and fun as a day at the spa.

I have to say that I also really appreciate Nordstrom’s liberal return policy. Especially at this stage of my life, I find that I sometimes buy things, get them home, and wonder, what was I thinking? No problem. If I change my mind, or it’s not right, I take it back at any time, with no hassle. Knowing this helps me shop with confidence.

One final note – Does your husband hate to shop? Mine does, but since Nordstrom came to town, he’s happy to come with me on a Saturday while I look around. On the men’s floor at Nordstrom, there is a comfy bar with a big screen. He plunks himself down in front of the TV, orders a beer, and watches baseball while I take my time and shop.  Then we meet up a couple of hours later for a bite. He’s happy, I’m happy, and it makes for a nice day out. Smart Nordstrom, smart!


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4 thoughts on “My Gala Night at Nordstrom Toronto

  1. Hello Deborah
    I loved the pictures of the Nordstrom event. You looked great.There was a lovely black dress that one of the sales associates was wearing that caught my eye to- the woman with the purple glasses.
    Regards,Dina Mattucci
    Ps I love your articles

  2. Nordstrom has long been my favorite place to shop but sadly there isn’t one in my town. I went to Alaska last year to shop their anniversary sale! Well, not really, we were there on vacation during that time. So I shop them online. How I’d love to have a full blown make-up consultation with a real expert. I had one once at a salon but the girl just kept asking me what color I liked etc. So it didn’t work out well. So, congratulations for getting a Nordstrom. I’m so green with envy!

    1. Hi Kathy, My sister used to live in Alaska and I’ve been to that Nordstrom! Yes, it’s pretty exciting having Nordstrom in Canada now because they carry all my favorite brands, and as I mentioned the stores are just so modern and lovely. Sherry from came into town the other day and we met at Nordstrom Eaton Centre for lunch in their beautiful glass restaurant. The food was really superb! It’s really fun and uplifting to have a lovely destination like this where I can meet up with girlfriends shop, eat, chat. I want to do more of that. It’s too easy to fall into a rut, and stay at home. Plus, I always like a good reason to dress up! Cheers, Deborah

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