Helen Mirren – Fabulous after 60

Sometimes I meet women and tell them I write a blog called Fabulous after 40,they say, ” I’m well over 50, or I’m over 60, can I visit your blog?”

The answer is, “of course!” I’m here to encourage 40, 50, 60 and beyond to dump the frump and have some fun with fashion.

40 is just the starting point where your body starts to change, your lifestyle changes, it get harder to find places to shop and the role models get fewer and farther between.

So, just in case you gals over 60 may have been feeling left out.. take a look Golden Globe winner Helen Mirren here, and other inspiring celebrities from a great post I just ran across about the SAG awards, and looking

Fabulous after 60 !

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6 thoughts on “Helen Mirren – Fabulous after 60

  1. I always like Helen Mirren but somehow, I can’t help being disappointed that she has craved in to surgery. Though I never say never but I am not 100% sure whether naming them as fabulous is actually encouraging ‘plastic’ beauty and disregarding ‘natural’ beauty.

    1. Hi Cindy,
      I’m here to be the cheerleader for women and I’m all for “choice”. My stand is on cosmetic surgery is if is fine if you do it if not, don’t. It’s not my business what others do and who am I to judge if it makes them feel better.

      Do I think it looks attractive?- Many times not, but sometimes yes. All I would say is if you want it, get a good surgeon.

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