How Can I Find Stylish, Age-Appropriate Clothes On A Budget?

Hi Deborah,

I’m not an enthusiastic shopper, and I’m a stay-at-home mom and wife to a pastor, so–I like to wear conservative, inexpensive, stylish clothes. Quite a challenge! I often put on my clothes and realize they look old, or make ME look old! I’m petite, too, so it’s even harder to find great clothes at a great price. How can I find great clothes without spending much money or time? Thanks for what you do.

Yours, Ann

Hi Ann,

I feel strongly that women have years of being “brainwashed” to think that to save money, you need to buy inexpensive clothes when in reality, we need to train ourselves to shop a lot smarter and with a strategy in mind. Here’s how:

1) Know what colors look best on you and stick with a narrow palate that will all mix and match.

2) Don’t buy in quantity. Buy classic quality (this will work well for you since you want to look more conservative)

3) Try shopping at consignment stores for brand names that are higher quality

4) Don’t be afraid to have things tailored. Fit is so important to look great!

5) Be super picky before purchasing an item. If you always buy things you “sort of like” and don’t LOVE, you will never feel satisfied or fabulous in your clothes.

These are just a few tips for you; however, because that is such a challenge for so many women, I wrote an excellent e-book on looking great for less-called.
Chic on the Cheap
! It has more tips and tricks like these with pictures to show you how to save lots of money, and you can even download it right now!

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7 thoughts on “How Can I Find Stylish, Age-Appropriate Clothes On A Budget?

  1. I get so frustrated when I see images of ‘killer heels’ as they’ve been described as perfecting an outfit, making legs slimmer, etc. I think you’ve had this comment before, but I can’t wear heels (rheumatoid arthritis). I wear very flat shoes; I’m only 5 foot 2 and am not exactly petite, but I am not overweight. I don’t have ‘racehorse ankles’ and don’t feel like I can wear skirts. I have an hourglass figure in size 8. I live in jeans, a t-shirt, and fleece as I often feel cold.
    I’ve recently discovered your website and started making changes, but I don’t find it easy. I have to order clothing online, which doesn’t always fit.

    1. Hi Tricia, Please know you are not alone in your frustration of not being able to wear heels! This is a massive issue for many women! We suggest that you wear flat boots with your skirts and dresses. That way, you will stay warm and look chic!

  2. Hi Deborah (AKA THE GLAM GAL)

    I have just found your website and what can I say but I LOVE IT !!! I spent about an hour looking at the video clips and reading the blog. What great tips for us “mature” fashionistas. Thank you so much.

    I just loved the response you gave to Ann most recently. Three of the points resonated with me. Only buy what you LOVE, narrow your palate to a few colors that look good on you and that you can mix around, and finally (but probably most important), don’t be afraid to have things tailored. As a petite 55 + retiree . . . I am trying to focus on these key points as I develop my fall wardrobe. I do have a few questions. First of all . . . where do you shop for clothes for the more mature lady? Can you recommend a couple of interesting color palates for fall? I recently had my colors done, and I am a True Spring with light brown hair, golden highlights, and green eyes. Can you recommend hairstyles for us, 50+ gals?

    I am thinking of getting your e-book Jumpstart Your Style . . . Is that a good place to start going from frumpy to fab?

    I am looking forward to your response.


    Bonnie McManus
    Fairport, New york

    PS . . . Do you ever do any speaking engagements or seminars?

    1. Hi Bonnie,
      Great to hear from you!! I love how you are jumping in with both feet!!!
      So to answer your questions…

      I am thrilled to hear that you are clear on what colors are good for you. I’m a spring, so you can always see what I am wearing on the site and get a good idea of color! I say stick with your spring colors; for fall, you can use the deeper shades and still look terrific!

  3. Thanks for answering my question! I especially like the resale shop idea–now I need to find one since the 2 I liked just closed. :( And buying quality, not quantity. That’s pretty easy since I don’t want to shop anyway. I must persuade myself to let go of some money for those essential basics. Thanks again!

  4. Hello Ann,

    You should check out We have Fashion Experts available to help you find that unique piece that will celebrate your individuality without falling victim to unflattering trends.

    We also have an excellent tailor to help our pieces fit you even more perfectly! Let us help you find “the piece” that will change your closet forever and give you a new take on personal style.

    Kind Regards,

    Off-Broadway Boutique

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