How Much Cleavage After 40?

How much cleavage is too much after 40…or is age irrelevant?

Elizabeth Hurley

Nigella Lawson

Take a look at these photos of Elizabeth Hurley (age 42) and Nigella Lawson (age 48) and let me know whether you think these bossomy beauties look sexy or silly?

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9 thoughts on “How Much Cleavage After 40?

  1. Hi! In our Liz’s case I think there’s too much skin on show …. if her dress was much lower at the top and higher at the bottom it would be a belt. She’s beautiful, so, one or the other Liz!
    Nigella is a glorious curvy hourglass with a style that suits her volumptious shape and personality.
    I guess that’s what it’s about …. being your authentic self. Being a curvy woman myself, sometimes it’s fun and playful to show some cleavage …. possibly not in a Board meeting though!!

  2. I think Breasts are beautiful no matter how “old” a woman gets. If you feel comfortable and can push the up and poke them out, do it. This is (IMO) one of the things that makes women ‘feminine” along with nail etc. I love the female form, any shape or size. i think it should be tried before it is knocked, and no i don’t think 40 is too old. Old is a state of mind. tone it up tone it down… a little or alot: cleavage is a great thing!! love it or leave it just dont knock it.

  3. I am 45 and range in sizes between 4 and 8 based on makers, styles, etc. I love Elizabeth Hurley and am disappointed to see her style choice in this photo. I am not a plain dresser. My boyfriend was married to someone I refer to as “Nancy Beige”. So he is not used to my colorful attire. When I dress I try to have one thing that stands out without being over the top. But nothing beats good grooming.
    I am struggling with this midlife change with the clothes thing. But I stay true to my own style, just tone it down a bit.

  4. I am over 40 and I love my boobs a natural DD. I will admit sometimes I show a bit too much. But all the men over 40 want young girls we have the even the playing field someway. ;)

  5. Why did they even bother wearing a top. They are very attractive women and shouldn’t need to dress this way to attract attention. In one word,Slutty!

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