How To Dress Artsy After 40

Her style is sleek, chic and a little bit artsy. Ela Olsewska has “the look”.

 sleek, chic and a little bit artsy
Sleek, chic and a little bit artsy


I first met Ela when she sent in a photo for our What I Wore feature and was so intrigued by her style I asked her to show me more. Ela is the owner of high fashion boutique called Delacor Studios in Oakville, Ontario.

She has the fun job of welcoming new brands into her store and trying them out herself, combining them in new and different ways.

I love the way she makes sporty, elegant and a touch quirky too. Here’s what she had to say about her much admired style. DeborahBoland2124Deb: Ela – How would you describe your style of dressing and how has it evolved? 

I’ve always been driven by a need for uniqueness and for finding that “personal voice” through fashion. This attitude is starting to be seen more and more throughout the entire fashion world. I would rather not follow strict aesthetic rules but rather express my stylistic diversity.

Deb: Tell us a bit about the 3 looks you sent in and where you wore them?

How To Dress Artsy After 40
How To Dress Artsy After 40


Look # 1 – Meeting Friends for Dinner

The weather allowed me to wear this asymmetrical jacket by Sarah Pacini. I carry a lot of Pacini. It’s a Belgium Brand of high style sportswear that’s luxurious, elegant and appropriate for any occasion.
The pants, by Blacky Dress from Germany, offer a more playful approach with a colorful pattern that didn’t compromise the intention of “cutting edge” styling.
Sleeveless tunic dress with an oversized turtleneck
Sleeveless tunic dress with an oversized turtleneck

Look #2 – Wrapping Up My Work Day

Comfort is the essence of this outfit that I chose for a warm, busy day. The sleeveless tunic dress with an oversized turtleneck by Sarah Pacini falls loosely over my leggings.

My handbag and platform shoes add an avant-garde vibe to the outfit. I love this outfit because although it is very contemporary, it is also very comfortable.
Casual dressing over 40
Casual dressing over 40

Look # 3 – My Day Off

I love the combination of the soft, pastel pink and black. Since this soft, delicate pink has a strong presence, black combines well with it.

I like to have a starting point before I put my outfit together for the day. The pink and black sandals were purchased the day before, and I used them as my inspiration for the entire outfit. I just had to wear them. They completed the outfit!

Deborah BolandDeb: What’s the best style tip you’ve ever received? Glamour is best expressed when style meets personality. Wonderful, Thanks, Ela. Keep on inspiring us!

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4 thoughts on “How To Dress Artsy After 40

  1. I think as we go through life, we pick up influences on the way! It’s really nice to hear what gives other women their unique style! Love you to check out my blog. xx

  2. Ela definitely has “the look”. What a fabulous, sophisticated and unique style!
    She looks truly herself in all of her outfits, very confident indeed.
    Does Ela have a personal blog?

    Lady of Style

  3. I love Ela’s quirky style. It’s too bad I am so far from her shop because I would like to shop there.

    1. This is a wonderful look — upbeat and stylish, and youthful without looking silly. I am so tired of “age-appropriate” dressing suggestions that are boring, or matronly. Ela’s definitely not! So many women look like country-club matrons after they turn 50, yet we have few other options available. I hope you feature more women like Ela — who look timeless yet highly individual! Thanks for the lift!

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