Tunics with Leggings That Hide Your Tummy

When you have a tummy, one of the best ways to cover that midlife middle is with a long flowing top or tunic worn over top of leggings.

plus size leggings

For example, that can be an airy, flowing kimono worn underneath a silky long shirt, a long button up blouse or a slip-on tunic. A cute leather jacket adds dimension.

long tops for leggings

This sheer button up blouse worn over a tank looks artsy and modern. Be sure your shirt is more a-line than straight up and down so it doesn’t pull across the tummy.

black plus size leggings

Black on black is always great because it creates a long lean line that makes you look tall and slim. This outfit, top and bottom has plenty of stretch.

black leggings orange top

A pop of color can also look fresh and fun with black leggings.

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4 thoughts on “Tunics with Leggings That Hide Your Tummy

  1. I am a youngish 51 and this has been the absolute best advice of all the sites I have visited. Well put together, simple easy to follow with good advice. Thanks so much!!!

  2. I need a more casual look like live in the mountains, visit in Iowa and Texas often. Summers are brutal in Iowa and TX. I like to wear capri’s not shorts. Would also like hints of beach wear for TX. I am in my late sixties have the tummy and hips and the Nana skin,neck and arms…but my grandbabies still love me! Just want to feel better about myself. Some ideas please!

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