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6 Ways To Look Sexy From The Waist Up

If you’re having dinner with and you’re wondering what to wear, then just remember this: You may have fabulous legs, an amazing bottom or the most feminine little feet, but what he’ll be gazing at across the dinner table is, you, from the waist up.

How can you make the most of his table top view?

1. Nurture Your Neckline

One of the most feminine spots on any woman is her décolletage- (cleavage produced by low-cut neckline). To show off yours make sure to exfoliate this sweet spot, add some perfumed moisturizer and choose a top that highlights to the hilt.  No turtlenecks or boring high necks. Instead opt for a softly rounded scoop neck, deep v or even off the shoulder look which is so popular now.

2.  Cozy up to Cashmere

Luxurious Cashmere, velvet and other soft, sumptuous fabrics that will make your sweetie want to reach out and touch you, as if you were a fluffy little kitten.

3.  Dare to Dangle

Save your studs for practical and everyday wear. Swing your head, flip your hair and look like a goddess in a pair of delicious dangling earrings. Paired with a sexy updo that reveals your bare neck, it’s all the jewelry you’ll need.

4.  Lure him with your Lashes

A wink, a nod is all so much sexier when you are wearing long lashes. Try on a dark, lush set or experiment with just a few individual lashes applied to the outer corners of your eyes to make your eyes flutter like a butterfly.

5.  Nix the long nails

If you think longer is sexier, then you need an update. Soft looking subtle nails, medium length, are much more romantic than dark, scary claws.

6.  Shimmer with a little Shine

Take advantage of your candlelight dinner by using clothes and makeup to deepen your warm glow. Shiny fabrics like metallics add beautiful shimmer to your face by reflecting off a room’s low lighting. A hint of bronzer on your face, neck, and shoulders makes you sparkle no matter where you are.

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