How to Rock a Ribbed Knit Sweater

Last season, it was all about big chunky knits. This fall something new has been thrown into the mix. Say hello to Ribbed Knit Sweaters.


The first thing that probably comes to mind when you think of a ribbed knit is a turtleneck, and yes, they’ve made a comeback. But look how chic this gray one is.

This kind of sweater looks fabulous paired with skinny jeans or leggings. The leggings are smooth, and the sweater has a great texture which makes for an interesting combo. Don’t forget this style recipe: Long ribbed knit + black leggings + cute flats and bag

Not everyone likes a chunky knit. That’s fine. I just bought a thin, silk blend ribbed knit that is so soft I could sleep in it. It is perfect for layering.

Orange ribbed knit sweater

I also picked up a medium-weight, orange sweater that was interesting because it has the ribs going horizontally.

It looks modern. knits are also showing up in other places. There are a lot of ribbed knit sweater dresses and I even came across this ribbed knit skirt. Talk about cute, and I bet it is super cozy and comfy. Wearing it with a long vest is totally on-trend. You don’t need anything underneath this time of the year, but once the temperature drops, just add a silky blouse.

I’m a huge fan of ribbed knits. What about you? Like it or does it thinks it looks too much like corrugated cardboard?


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11 thoughts on “How to Rock a Ribbed Knit Sweater

  1. Too bad you don’t use pictures of ladies that are 40+. I thought that was the point of the blog. and how about women that are not stick thin. Most of us over 40 do not fit that image.

  2. Loving the chunky rib knits and legging look, but I like to wear them with boots- I never thought to try flats!! But I will now. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. I would love to get your thoughts and advice on some things to wear to tailgates and sporting events. I have one son in college who is on the basketball team and wants to wear some cute stuff to games and another son in high school playing sports. We also go to panther games for NFL and hit some college football tailgates – black and yellow, royal blue and black are the colors!!

  4. Love ribbed knits! I heard long ago the ribbing made you look leaner and firmer. The subtle lines are vertical. I am petite, which helps create height, just nothing too bulky. Glad they are in for Fall.

  5. I love the chunky rib knits, but I don’t know about the leggings. A good bit of what I’ve read and seen about the upcoming season is that leggings are history, especially for any woman after 40. I’m closer to 50 than 40 and uncomfortable about looking like I’m barely covering my backside with a sweater.

  6. I like the skinny ribs in a thin fabric. Worn fitted (not baggy), they make you look lean. Thick ribbing and bulky sweaters make me appear like I gained 20 lbs. I have several skinny ribbed tops that look great with jeans & full-length skirts. I also have a vintage burgundy sweater dress in a thin knit with slender ribs. Florida girls don’t wear a lot of heavy, bulky sweaters…

  7. I enjoy your articles very much. But I must say that I am disappointed that the ribbed sweater you’re showing is $650—a big disappointment.

  8. I like the looks. My favorite is the oversized sweater and black leggings. It’s my perfect weekend look. Your posts are always great – thanks for all the inspiration. Greetings from Munich – Martina

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