How to Rock Booties at Work

I’ve been talking about wearing booties on the weekend and how to rock ’em on a night out. So what about booties for women in the workplace?

Booties at the office can be a sophisticated, appropriate choice if you work in a casual or creative workplace. They can even work in a more liberal corporate environment. Here are some fab examples of how to rock ankle booties at work!Booties - Black work Dress


 1. Wear Classic Black Leather Booties

If booties seem acceptable according to your corporate culture, but you want to play it safe, the most conservative kind of work ankle bootie would be a smooth, polished, black leather bootie. Think of a basic black work pump, then try to find something similar in the way of a bootie.

The best type of black leather bootie for traditional businesses is fine, elegant, and has clean lines. Stay away from booties with many hardware or any funky details: the simpler, the better for a professional business look. 


2. Try Fashion Forward Booties

When you work in a creative atmosphere such as design, communications, or fashion, you can loosen up on the style and color of your work booties.

These suede khaki booties with their cutout heel trimmed in snakeskin are unique and fashion-forward. They’re much more of a statement than plain black leather booties and send the message that you are original and open-minded.

3. Stick With Professional Suede Booties

Suede booties are a solid choice for the workplace but are slightly more casual/rustic than a black leather bootie. They pair well with mixed separates and knits rather than formally matched business suits or very conservative dresses. Gray, brown, and burgundy suede boots add personality to an outfit. Black is quieter and chicer. The finer the suede bootie, the more elegant it is.

More interested in booties for an evening out? Check here. 

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6 thoughts on “How to Rock Booties at Work

  1. You need to show how to actually wear the booties with various pant HEMS. I see most booties styled with a skinny jean/pant with the hem cuffed so a bit of ankle is showing. I find this makes my legs look short(er)! If I wear the hems tucked all the way inside the bootie or all the way outside I feel it looks dated. But maybe at over 50 I am dated?! Help.

  2. Hi. Just wondering…I love the look of lace up boots. I’m thinking that they are “too young” for an over 40 woman, however. What is your opinion? (I was thinking of buying them to wear with skinny jeans tucked in but something is telling me that this trend may not be for me?)

  3. I’m a size 4, very athletic, fit, and 42 years old. Can/should I wear skinny jeans tucked into knee high boots? I know it’s very “in” now, but I’m wondering if it’s okay for the over 40 crowd. I often look good in the youthful clothes, but I’m unsure if I should be wearing it. I don’t want to come across as wishing I was still 22.