How to Style a Cute Knit Sweater Dress

I’ve owned many cute knit sweater dresses over the years for one simple reason – They’re easy and comfy to wear. All you need to do is add a few accessories, and you can totally switch up your look. Here are a few popular ideas to help style a cute knit sweater dress.


1. Tie on a Scarf

A solid-colored dark knit sweater dress creates a slimming shape. Add a pretty scarf for texture and color and a shot of interest. Top off the look with booties in the same color as your dress and some accessories that pick up on the other colors in the scarf, and you have a sophisticated take on a cozy sweater dress.

2.   Throw on a Faux Fur Vest

Many women naturally think to pair a fuzzy faux fur vest with a cute top or blouse and a pair of jeans, but have you ever thought of pairing one with a sweaterdress. It’s a natural combination and one that takes a simple sweaterdress from average to awesome.

A sleek sweaterdress with a lace-up front works well to capture the boho feel of a faux fur vest. Cute short suede booties and a bag with a touch of fringe are in keeping with the free spirit vibe.

3. Pull-on Some Leggings


Some sweaterdresses lend themselves to leggings, especially when they are streamlined like a tunic and on the short side. By pairing black leggings and peep-toe booties with this cowl neck knit dress, you get a modern, cool-girl look. A faux croc bag adds some earthy texture.

4. Belt It!

Sweaterdress - Tan with Black Belt

Here’s another style tunic sweaterdress that can be worn as is, or with leggings. For a totally different look, try belting it!

5. Accessorize with Glam Jewelry

Maroon Off the Shoulder Sweater Dress

Off the shoulder sweater dresses have become popular lately, and to take full advantage of this look, don’t forget to add some glam jewelry. Dangle earrings draw attention up and complement the bare shoulder feature.

6. Slip on Some Riding Boots

Riding boots are traditional and sophisticated, so it’s no wonder they go so well with something as simple, cozy, and sleek as a fine knit sweaterdress. A plaid scarf completes the old English vibe.

7. Look Modern and Wear Booties

Sweaterdress - Striped short Sleeves

Some of you have asked if you can wear booties with a sweater dress, and the answer is yes. In fact, it looks quite modern! You can wear a bare leg at the start of the season go for a semi-opaque or opaque stocking once the cold weather arrives.

Other ways to wear a knit dress?

  • alone with a thick belt that falls at an angle below the waist towards one hip
  • with a leather jacket

Take a look at these other sweaterdress styling ideas!

How do you wear your sweater, knit dress? Comment below.

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6 thoughts on “How to Style a Cute Knit Sweater Dress

  1. Its a bit like conscious stream of thought; finding your site and all the great tips you offer. Can you tell me where u got the great brown knit dress? I really love it and would like one too! Many thanks.

    1. Hi Brenda, If you have a large bust you will want to make sure your bra is supportive and minimizes. A v-neck style would be your best bet as well. The white dress JoJami is wearing comes from BCBG and would work well on your body type.

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