How to Style a Sleeveless Poncho Sweater

Even though I live a relaxed lifestyle, I always look for unique pieces that uplevel my casual wardrobe. I’ve always loved capes and wraps, so I was instantly attracted to this gorgeous sleeveless poncho sweater.


















This chic cape is perfect for the Fall when it’s a little too cold to go outside without something, but you still don’t need a coat.  I love the giant honeycomb knit and the vast, face-framing turtleneck. It’s earthy and sophisticated at the same time. Here are some tips for how to style a sleeveless poncho sweater.

black poncho

1. Layer Your  Sleeveless Poncho Sweater

The closest thing to a Sleeveless Poncho sweater is a quilted vest, so style it the same way. Since Fall is all about layering, all you do is wear a lightweight top or thin sweater under your sleeveless cape to get a stylish fall look. Make sure your shirt has long sleeves (short sleeves look funny), and you can always push them up for a sportier look if you like.

As for color, you can go two ways. You can wear a contrasting color like my red if you want a bold modern look. Or, wear a quieter color with less contrast, like brown or grey, for a more conservative look.  I’d suggest you stay away from black underneath your black poncho vest. When there’s zero contrast, you don’t see the layering, and that’s the whole point of this look.


black poncho by car

2. Wear Your Sleeveless Poncho Sweater with Skinny Jeans or Leggings

This sleeveless poncho sweater, like many, is broad, square, and boxy. That’s fine. However, you don’t want to look that way on the bottom too! If you wear something wide up top, go skinny on the bottom to get the right proportions.

Try skinny jeans or skinny leggings, and you will look great! You can also wear boot-cut pants that are skinny through the thighs, with a slight flare at the hem. These work too, especially for glass with larger hips who don’t like wearing skinnies. But wide pants with a broad, chunky sleeveless chunky poncho sweater will make you look wide.


black poncho knit

3. A Sweater Poncho + Leather is a Modern Mix

A great way to get a modern look with a sleeveless sweater poncho is to wear it with Leather or faux Leather. That mix of a cozy knit and sexy leather creates a cool-girl vibe. It also looks more sophisticated and expensive than denim.

chunky black knit poncho


4. Add a Tote To Finish off the Look

Just something to think about when you are finishing off the look. A crossbody or backpack bag may seem like a sporty fit, but remember, it has to go over that chunky, boxy poncho, which can be awkward and bulky. Instead,  think about a practical, sporty tote that helps balance your look.

Like a more Traditional Poncho sweater? Check out this cute cable knit poncho I also wear with leggings.

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  1. I guess being from the UK; I would have to agree that outdoor wear is just as significant as indoor. I love the shawl as a cover-up. Looks very snuggly and warm. Gorgeous trousers.

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