Pep Up Your Wardrobe With a Black Poncho

My lifestyle is very casual, but I miss the old days when I used to get all dressed up for work, so I’m always on the lookout for something a little special- something casual but with a touch of drama to it.

I’ve always been crazy about capes and wraps,  so when I spotted this interesting poncho at the start of the season, I just had to have it.

I’ve been wearing it for about two weeks now, and boy is it ever comfy and cozy! It’s a thick black knit – pretty much a knitted square folded over – with a turtleneck and a big button on either side to give it some waist definition.

black poncho

I thought at first it might wash me out but with that red underneath and some bright lipstick, I’m fine. When you love a piece, it can transform you. This poncho makes me feel casual, modern and chic. It gives me pep.

black poncho by carA poncho is a great thing to wear out shopping. You can see I was on my way to the mall here. I’ve also worn my poncho out to the movies, to drive the kids to the dentist, to visit my mom and over to my health club. It’s the perfect running around in cover-up. I  throw it on when it’s cool, but not freezing, layering it with a sweater or a blouse. (My leopard print blouse looks great with this too.)

black poncho knit

Here’s me back from the market with my Halloween pumpkin. I was laughing like crazy when my son took this photo because I was thinking that posing with this pumpkin; I must have looked nine months pregnant! Great fun!

chunky black knit poncho

After I got back from shopping, I went downtown in this outfit to catch the highlights of Toronto Fashion week at a Saturday fashion show. Check my other post for photos of some of the ladies who attended the main shows during the week.

Mine is only one example of the many ponchos out there. There are other wooly types like this, also many blanket style ( plaid is popular). There are ponchos that are like mini capes; they’re a little more formal. Just start shopping and you will see what I mean.

A final note: I just want to mention that often we focus so much on our indoor clothes that we forget to update our outerwear. A poncho is a great statement piece that really sets the scene for your casual style. What good is it to put together a fab outfit and then show up wearing a boring or ratty old coat over top?

Maybe, I’m wrong but I notice that my European friends tend to get this more. I have several girlfriends from Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Italy, etc., and they always have the most fabulous outerwear -both dressy and casual. They walk into a room in their beautiful coats and look so confident and stylish. And of course, when you look great, you feel great too, which, of course, is the key to looking Fabulous at 40, 50, 60 and beyond.

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One thought on “Pep Up Your Wardrobe With a Black Poncho

  1. I guess being from UK I would have to agree that outdoor wear is just as important as indoor. Love the poncho as a cover up, looks very snuggly and warm. Gorgeous trousers.

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