How To Wear Chunky Knits After 40

Fashion has cozied up to chunky knits this fall. It’s a great look, but can be tricky to pull off especially after 40 when your body is a little rounder and softer than it used to be. Chunky knits, if worn wrong, can make you look like a frumpy old lady. Here are some tips for how to wear them after 40.

Sweater coat: You don’t want to end up looking like you are wearing a sloppy bathrobe. Be sure your sweater coat fits properly at the shoulders and isn’t too bulky at the thighs. Also, look in the mirror and make sure the belt loops are really at your waist and not your hips.466023_ou_pp
Cowl neck and Boat Necks: are great for pear shaped women because they add substance and width up top to balance out your silhouette. boat neck
Patchwork can be aging after 40 making you look like a granny wearing a quilt. Choose modern color combinations like gray and yellow for an updated look. Also, reserve patchwork for weekends. It’s a very casual look.
Vertical lines: like a row of buttons, a long zipper or trim down the front elongate your body, making you appear slimmer and taller.gray cardigan
Sweaters that cascade: are soft, and artsy. Wear a very simple top underneath, so as not to compete with the sweater, and make sure it doesn’t cascade below your knees. These sweaters look great with leggings or slim pants.cacading sweater
Petites: have to be especially careful they don’t drown themselves in oversize knits. Choose knits small-medium in size, and shorter more fitted styles.blue knit
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7 thoughts on “How To Wear Chunky Knits After 40

    1. Hi Deb, Thanks for your honesty on this. You make a good point. We have suggested in the past to beware of chunky knits, since they can add unwanted bulk to our bodies. (and who wants that?)… so, when buying sweaters, we love to find those on the thinner side. However some of us live in really cold climates, so we might have to bulk it up at some point!

  1. How do you feel about the cascading sweaters on a very short little apple shape? I’m having a hard time trying to visualize whether this would be alongating and slimming, or if it would simply call attention to my tummy. By the way, I’m an advanced level seamstress who would be making the sweater, so can adjust the amount of fullness, length, etc, and come up with a perfect fit.

  2. What do you think of leggings on women over 40?
    I bought a pair, then returned them the next day, after reading a big article in More Magazine about how women over 40 should never never wear them. (My husband agreed with the article….) ?

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