How to Wear Fall’s Punk Trend When You’re a Grown-Up Gal

Whether or not you were a fan of the Ramones back in the day, you may have an interest in exploring the punk trend. But how do you dress like a rocker chick without sacrificing chicness and age-appropriateness? Read on.

1. Find the Right Jacket

A leather jacket is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of punk fashion, and with good reason: Every punk worth their salt has a black leather jacket covered in spikes, studs, and zippers. But jackets so tough-looking can look costume-y on women over 40.

If you really want a classic motorcycle jacket, pick one that is more lightweight and refined without too much hardware. Or you can opt for a blazer instead with a small dose of punk elements- like a handful of small studs, slight chain detailing on the lapels, or an exposed zipper. The key is to choose one feature, applied lightly, to a jacket that would not look punk-y otherwise.

While choosing a fabric other than leather ensures a subtler take on the trend, if you want leather, opt for a quilted leather jacket for the perfect mix of punk princess and modern woman.

punk inspired outfit for over 40

2. Create a Classic Outfit Base

One of the biggest differences between “punk” and “punk-inspired” is what the outfit is based upon. To make sure you look age-appropriate and modern, aim to look “punk-inspired” by choosing simple, well-fitting basics to ground your outfit.

For instance, a simple shift dress and black tights create a great backdrop for more punk accessories and additions. Meanwhile, bootcut jeans with a simple blouse are a more casual way to create an overall refined effect, balancing any pieces that may be harder-edged.

3. Add Some Color

To help soften your outfit and make punk-inspired pieces more wearable, be sure to add some color to your outfit. Michael Kors’s fall/winter show was the perfect mix of glamour and punk- and the designer injected nearly every outfit with bold cobalt blue. Since many punk styles tend to have many blacks, adding bold, sapphire blue is a great way to add a chic pop of color. If blue isn’t your thing, try any jewel tone instead.

punk inspired style for women over 40

4. Kick Up Your Heels

Choosing ladylike, thin heels to pair with more punk-influenced pieces will keep the look chic overall. Heels with studs or chain detailing are the perfect mix of fancy and funky, and ankle booties with thin heels and exposed zippers are the perfect shoes for a grown-up punk rocker.

5. Choose Bold Accessories

Accessories are the way to add a real punk edge to your look. Choosing stud earrings that are, well, studs are a great place to start- they’re small and unassuming but still have a tough-chick impact.  Watches with flat studs or chains attached to the wristband create a rocker feel that’s much more grown-up than leather wristbands.

Purses should be ladylike in shape but embellished with studs, exposed zippers, or chains to continue the theme. By following these tips, you can balance sophistication and sass and wear the punk trend in a mature, age-appropriate way. You’ll be the most stylish rock fan around!

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  1. Thank you for sharing all the tips! I like to think my style is a little bit “bad ass” and a lot of girly. The idea of just adding pieces of a specific trend in small amounts is a perfect way to combine different feelings and define a personal style.

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