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How to Wear Florals in Fall and Winter

Floral dresses are a natural choice in spring and summer, but they’re also great to wear when transitioning into fall. How do you wear floral dresses in cooler weather? Dark florals are the answer. Here’s what’s trending in dark floral dresses for fall, and how to style them.

dark floral wrap dress
Dark floral dresses in fall colors are great transitional pieces.



What’s Trending in Dark Floral Dresses?


Dark Florals - Navy Wrap Dress


Dark Florals Other than Black

Dark florals have a fall vibe, but when they first arrived a few years back, they were quite moody and sad looking. There were a lot of black floral dresses with dull, faded flowers, and they looked like they belonged in a funeral parlor.

Today you’ll find dark floral dresses with  dark navy, green, purple, rust or burgundy backgrounds. These new colors are more flattering on older women because black can be draining. The florals are more vibrant too. Instead of muted and dull shades like gray and pale green, they are clear and bright, like yellow, red, and pink.

Bigger, Bolder Florals

Small ditsy florals can also make a dress seem more sweet and summery ( and dowdy), so if you want a fall dark floral look, choose a dark floral in an oversize, bold print. You’ll look more artsy and chic, not old lady.

Simple, Modern Cuts

Lots of ruffles and frills can also give off a more spring-summer vibe. (Think of the floral dresses we see at Easter and Mother’s Day). The best dark floral dresses for fall are more streamlined and elegant. Look for simple classic cuts like a wrap dress, (like the one I’m wearing in this post), sheath, or shift, without a lot of detail. Let the dark floral design make a bold fall statement.

Dark Florals - Red Wrap Dress


How to Style Dark Floral Dresses

  • Alone with dark fall accessories and lots of texture
  • With a long cardigan or duster for a cozy fall look
  • With a dark fall blazer for a chic Autumn outfit
  • Tall boots or booties also add to the fall vibe


dark floral wrap dress with cardigan
Wear a dark floral dress with a cardigan and tall suede boots for a modern fall look that isn’t summery.


Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you have to give up wearing floral dresses. Check out this selection of gorgeous dark floral dresses and add one to your wardrobe to look chic and on-trend!

 Dark Floral Dresses for Fall


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