How to Wear Lace-up Flats

Spring’s newest “it” shoe is the lace-up flat, and boy is it catching on like wildfire! I think there are a few good reasons for this.

pink ballet lace up flat


1) Lace-Up Flats are so darn cute!  – They’re feminine, and dainty, and they feel like they’re a precious treasure. When you slip them on you, feel special, and they fulfill that pretty-girl ballerina fantasy in all of us.

2) They’re Practical – Heels will never be out of style, but they seem to be less important these days because we have such casual lifestyles, and because comfort is becoming more important. Lace-up flats are a welcome relief to our feet, especially after 40.

3) Lace Up Flats Dress Up Casual Looks – When you are dressing more casually it’s easy to fall into a frumpy rut. Lace-up flats add that little zing that can elevate your look and make you look polished and classy.

4) They Work with Spring’s Feminine Vibe –The mood this spring is feminine, soft, and a bit Victorian. These shoes are a great way to capture that vibe without having to go all out romantic.

blue lace up flats wiht black and floral dress slider

What Can You Wear With Lace Up Flats?

The great thing is that these shoes will go with everything. They:

  • Add a ladylike note to skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans
  • Are pretty with a dress
  • Look cute with shorts
  • Make capris or cropped pants look chic

Who Can Wear Them?

Anyone can wear them, but here are a couple of things you might want to think about:

Heavy legs? – If you have heavy ankles or calves or short legs, these will draw attention so try this style fix- Wear lace-up flats in a color that is close to your skin color to downplay your legs. You could go with nude or blush or tan, brown whatever works for your skin tone.

tan lace up flats



Get the Right Vamp – Also, keep in mind a deeper vamp (where the shoe cuts into your toes) may look sexier, but it often can often irritate the top of your foot. Be sure to walk around in them for a bit before you buy. You might have to buy a higher vamp.

Pointy Vs. Slightly Rounded – A pointy toe lace-up flat is a little more sophisticated than a rounded toe but probably less comfy. See what works for you.

How to Style Lace-Up Flats 

  1. Show the Laces – The laces are the shoes! They are meant to be seen,  so with skinny jeans make sure the laces around your ankles are showing and not tucked under your pant leg. If you have to roll up your jeans, then do that. Turned-up boyfriend jeans can also look cute with ballerina flats because you get that contrast the masculine jean and the very feminine shoe.
  1. Don’t get hung up on how to tie them – You can tie them in front at the side or even at the back which is kind of a flirty look- in a bow or knotted- your choice.

lace-up flats



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