Is My Hair Dragging My Face Down?

Sometimes you’ve worn your hair the same way for so long it’s hard to know what looks good anymore. Do you know what I mean?

Such was the case with one of my readers, Debi,  who wrote to ask if she should change the length of her hair. I handed her question over to our Fabulous After 40 hair expert Chris Maclachlan to see what she had to say. Here is Debi’s question and advice from Chris.

Question: Hi Chris, I would like to know if my hairstyle is dragging my face down and making me look old and tired? I had had my hair chin length before and didn’t like how I looked with short hair (my face looked too round).  What do you think?  Thank you, Debi


Hi Debi,

It is hard to tell from the picture, but my first thought was how pretty you are!!!

If you feel that your hair is ‘dragging you down you may want to try to bring it a touch shorter, layer it out a bit, and add a few highlights around the face. Also, a side-swept bang can draw attention to your eyes and help to narrow a round face.

tina fey hair


Try something like this. I think this Tina fey cut will be just what you need. Sometimes a small change makes a big difference. I hope this helps. Chris

*Chris Maclachlan is a top hairstylist with over 15 years of experience in the industry. She is passionate about helping all woman find their style and feel their best, no matter age, shape, or size.

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