Jeans Over 40 – Inspiration From Instagram

Now and then, it’s good to take a second look at something we wear all the time. Take jeans, for example. Have you fallen into the rut wearing the same type of top with your jeans over and over, or have you been wearing one style of jeans for the last five years?

If so, it’s time for an update, and what better place to find inspiration than from the 40+ fashionistas on Instagram. Here’s a look at some new ideas for how to wear jeans at 40, 50, and beyond.



MaryAnn is a 40+ Instagrammer living as a model in the United States, Europe, and Australia. Bootcut-style jeans and an edgy brown leather jacket give her a classic, rugged look.



Corina is a 50-year-old Dallas wife who believes that beauty can be found at any stage and comes from within. She’s added a lace-up peasant blouse, suede booties, and a floppy hat to skinny jeans and suede booties, and the result is a cute boho look.




Sonoma, California style author and image consultant Brenda Kinsel looks fab in this relaxed, layered look and rolled-up jeans.




Glenda says her wardrobe is a cast of characters in her life, and ” together we tell one heck of a style story.”  That’s a great way to describe the effect of these cool, fashion-forward fringed jeans.



European fashion blogger, Carmen, plays with shades of denim in these artsy striped jeans with an irregular hemline.




Catherine a style blogger and business owner who specializes in beautiful knitwear. She is passionate about graceful living and is a devoted yogi. Her soft, free-flowing scarf is a beautiful way to tie her message into her jeans look.




Andrea is a British mum of 4 with “one toe in her 50’s” who loves fashion and living an imperfect life. She’s given a pair of basic jeans tons of personality by wearing this season’s newest trend- the big sleeve.




Nicki is a fashion and lifestyle blogger from Greece who’s given a classic added a modern twist to her classic styling of jeans. These cute ballet flats look adorable with the rolled-up cuffs.



Carelia, a Honduran now residing in North Carolina who encourages women regardless of their wardrobe size, age, or body shape to dress fun. She’s taken a playful approach to jeans by pairing wide-leg jeans with a frilly boho top, crossbody bag, and sassy hat. Be sure to check out my Styleblazer interview with Carella to see more of her style.



Beata is another one of my Fabulous After 40 Styleblazers who loves fashion, design, and all things creative. She’s created a perfect balance to her wide shoulders by wearing flared jeans. A classy look, but the bag makes it fun too.





Dee is a lover of family, fashion, and all things colorful. She looks sexy and sophisticated in these skinny jeans worn with high heel pointy toe booties and a fabulous fuzzy cardigan.

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    1. I am the same height as you and am also pear shaped. It does make it tricky to style jeans sometimes. I would love to see photos of shorter pear shaped women wearing jeans.

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