Jennifer Aniston Style – How to Get It

In last weeks’s Style Icon series I featured Michelle Obama. Today, I’m featuring Jennifer Aniston.

First it was “The Rachel”, her 1990s haircut that made scissors snip across a nation of copycats. Then came her flawless fashion choices. Season after season, Jennifer Aniston makes a statement with her sporty sensibility. Jenifer is the girl next door, but all grown up! Here’s how to embody her casual, California style:

Knack for Neutrals

Jen likes a natural look so stocks her closet with neutral colors like white, denim blue, grey, taupe, navy, and of course, black. Neutrals are an effortless choice and can mix and match with ease. If you use the same palette, you never need to worry about clashing! Combining neutrals also creates a very relaxed, laid back look.

Jennifer Aniston Style

Dreamy Denim

Jennifer Aniston is most often caught by the paparazzi in well-worn jeans, flats and a simple tee. Her go-to bottoms are usually a touch faded, and a classic boot-cut style. By building your outfits around a laid-back piece like this, you’ll automatically have an effortless vibe. Pair them with pumps to glam it up a bit, or stick with flats for classic Aniston style!

Minimal Accessories

In keeping with her sporty aesthetic, Jen wears few accessories.  To mimic her look, try an oversized, athletic watch, or a small charm on a chain. She typically wears one low-key piece of jewelry per outfit. You could also opt for sleek geometric earrings or a single, polished bangle, both choices Aniston herself would approve of.

Jennifer Aniston Style

Sexy Fit

Since Aniston sticks to simple colours and shapes, she could fall into the category of “boring” if she was not careful. She never does, however- because her clothes are always perfectly fitted to show off her toned, athletic body. You’ll never see her with gaping buttons or drowning in a too-long hem.  Even when she’s sporting looser boyfriend jeans, she never looks sloppy.

Sporty Glam at Night

Jennifer’s red carpet dresses are always streamlined and body hugging. Instead of covering it up her enviable physique in long gowns she loves to highlight her hard-earned, very tanned gams, and arms on the red carpet in sporty, short, sleeveless cocktail dresses. By choosing clothes that fit her like a glove, her megawatt smile and personality become the focus!

Lovely Legs and Arms

There’s a lesson in this, To look sporty, sexy and youthful like Jennifer show off some skin. It doesn’t have to be your legs or arms. Just pick a part of your body you love like your shoulders or bust, or back, for example, and  flaunt it a little.

Jennifer Aniston Style

Sleek and Sporty Dressy

When an occasion calls for more something in between red carpet and casual, sticks with sporty classics, like a simple pencil skirt paired with a fitted white shirt. Such tried-and-true basics are the calling card of her sporty style, so consider making them your fallbacks too!

Jackets, Jackets, Jackets

One of the areas where Aniston takes more style risks is outerwear. She’s often spotted in tailored blazers, relaxed moto jackets and denim jackets, too. To take her style for a spin, try a trendy topper in a basic color and perfect fit! Thrown on over an outfit of basics, you’ll look as chic as Jennifer Aniston herself!

Do you like Jennifer Aniston’s style? Comment below and let me know. Also, look for our next post in our Style Icon series where we profile Jennifer Lopez.

Stylist: Morgan Mullin

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5 thoughts on “Jennifer Aniston Style – How to Get It

  1. I can’t find any style that fits me on your site. I don’t wear heels, scarves or big purses (if at all). I ALWAYS wear flats, carry my ID/cell in a leather pouch attached to my belt – NO PURSE. Scarves just get caught in seat belts. I only wear silver jewelry and minimally. Maybe it’s a tomboy fashion (sexist term) or classic American. I like natural comfortable clothes and really hate bras, stockings – anything binding.
    I tend to wear jeans (shorts, skirts, jackets, pants, purse if needed). Peasant blouses, graphic & white t-shirts and tank tops with built in bras. I always wear a brown/black belt (it’s reversible). My shoes are Roxy Surf sneakers (in various colors), Earth Signs sandals and boots for dress up. I love maxi dresses or flowing skirts with denim jacket for dress nights. I’ll wear a pair of brown heeled slip on’s for those nights. I have very narrow feet, and 5′ ft 2 inches tall and only weigh 120. Comfort and ease of movement is my style. Not much in any store really fits me without having to wear thicker socks, a belt or hemming things up. Everybody always talks about plus/tall size problems but not many sites deal with naturally thin petite individuals- very frustrating.

  2. I’m 5’3″, size 12-14, I believe a youthful 52. How can I pull together a polished casual look? I think with my age and size I would look like I’m trying too hard wearing worn jeans. they would just look sloppy. Please advise, thank you!!

  3. Jennifer Aniston always seems to be dressed so perfectly whether it’s just jeans and a t-shirt or a red carpet event! I love how she gets her style together and always looks fashionable. Thanks for posting ideas about how to get the look she does-I’m going to try it!

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