Jennifer Lopez Style – How to Get It

Deborah BolandSiren Jennifer Lopez is next up in our style icon series in which we’ve also profiled Jennifer Aniston and Michelle Obama.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez Fashion Style

Guest Contributor Morgan Mullin has put together these practical how-to style tips to show you how to get the Lopez look.

Morgan: Jennifer Lopez one of the biggest stars on the planet, that famous derriere changed the media’s idea of what a “good” figure could be. Here’s how to turn up the heat like Lopez does.

jennifer lopez style

A Little Lift

Jennifer Lopez never leaves the house in flats- ever. Part of her sexy appeal is the swagger that stilettos bring to her gait. Her favourite footwear of all is a heeled boot that grazes the top of her thigh.

If you want to look sexy like Jennifer, get out your heels. They don’t have to be towering to get the same effect -even kitten heels will do. Even a touch of height elongates your legs and make you look very feminine. Wear a sexy heel with everything from jeans to gowns to mimic her style.

Holy Hoops!

Jewelry has the power to make you look sexy especially when it’s big and dangly like Lopez’s signature larger-than-life hoop earrings. She wears them with everything from jeans to gowns. Try them yourself for to add some sizzle.

Bare Some Back

Part of sexy style is showing some skin. A great way to do that without looking vulgar or too over-the-top? Steal Lopez’s trick of showing off your back! Try tops with sheer panels in the back or a top that scoops low in the back. An added benefit of displaying the upper back is that it’s an area that looks lovely regardless of your shape.

Jennifer Lopez Style

Fabulous Flares

To balance out her large booty, Lopez wears flared pants instead of skinny-legged styles. Flared jeans (with heels, naturally) look super chic with a colorful tucked in top. This is Lopez’s go-to look for casual occasions. Flares can seem a bit vintage, so choose a dark wash pair and wear them with modern pieces to look current.

Captivating Cleavage

When she’s not showing off her beautiful back, Lopez has been known to bare her cleavage with daring V-necks or scoop necks, particularly in the evening.  If dipping necklines make you nervous, throw on a camisole underneath or wear a big necklace. Lopez usually keeps her tops very fitted, but looser styles are a way to ease into the look.

High Hemlines

You’ll often see Jennifer Lopez wearing high-heeled boots with a mini dress. (She is an entertainer after all) A more practical, but similar look might be a shorter but not mini dress with long sleeves and black, opaque stockings. You get a similar sexy vibe, but the look is classier because in reality you are more covered up.


Jennifer Lopez Style
animal print style

Animal Prints

Cheetah, zebra, snakeskin: Lopez loves them all. Incorporate an animal print into your look- from snakeskin boots to a zebra-print top! Only do one animal print at a time to avoid overkill, though. Any more can make you look cheap.

With these ideas in mind, you’ll be able to have a sizzling, sexy style all the time, just like Lopez! But remember that the sexiest thing of all is a dash of confidence, and that’s the one thing Lopez never leaves the house without.

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