Juwelo Gemstone Jewelry: Modern and Affordable

There’s nothing like a beautiful piece of fine jewelry to make you feel stylish and feminine. Today I’m excited to partner with Juwelo to bring you a look at some very special gemstones.

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I’ve always been a fan of colorful gemstones. They’re like pretty flowers; they just make you feel so happy. These gorgeous Aquamarine pieces from Juwelo are just what I mean. Take a look at my elegant Aquamarine teardrop cut necklace and…

Juwelo Jewlery 2

….this stunning Aquamarine teardrop cut ring.  Blue is one of the most popular gemstone colors, but it’s the clear, fresh blue of this gemstone, so similar to the color of the sea that gives a feeling of tranquility.

Juwello Jewelry 4

Aquamarine jewelry is a very popular seller at Juwello. According to legend, Aquamarine originated in the treasure chest of mermaids, and since ancient times has been regarded as “the sailor’s lucky stone. Juwelo Jewelry 3

At Juwelo you’ll find only one or two pieces of each style, so you can feel special that you have a unique piece of jewelry you can call your own!

Here’s a closer look at the beautiful Aquamarine color. These teardrop Aquamarine gems come from the Santa Teresa mine in Brazil. Juwelo’s expert jewel hunters travel the globe buying superior quality gemstones at competitive prices so they can pass the savings down to customers.

Juwelo gemstone jewelry is sold on shopping channels in Germany and Italy, and they also have online stores in Germany, the UK, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, and, most recently, the USA.

Juwello Jewelry 6a

Aquamarine is just one of 500 varieties of Gemstones Juwelo carries.  All of their jewelry is made in Thailand at their huge manufacturing campus which boasts over 750 people, including 130 gemstone setters.


If you are looking for elegant, modern gemstone jewelry at comparatively low prices, be sure to check out Juwelo Gemstone Jewelry. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, a pretty gemstone piece is a great idea for a gift for mom, or maybe just for yourself ( wink, wink!)

All orders come with tracking, and there are free returns.

Thanks to Juwelo for sponsoring this post. To learn more, see my page: Blog Monetization and Disclosure.

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  1. Juwelo is passionate about its mission to produce gemstone jewelry at affordable prices. They are a mine-to-market, ethical jeweler involved in nearly all areas of jewelry production, so the customer benefits from highly competitive and reasonable prices.

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