Over Knee Boots and a Bell Sleeve Sweatshirt

I like the thought of a soft, cozy sweatshirt to wear on weekends, but I’ve always stayed clear because, let’s face it, most sweatshirts have been pretty boring…up until now.

Take a look at this cute sweatshirt I just picked up.



A few weeks back, I wrote a post about how sweatshirts were undergoing a major makeover. Everyone is into comfort these days, so it is no wonder designers are responding with new and interesting ways to reimagine this casual favorite.  I happened upon this easygoing burgundy sweatshirt with the big boho bell sleeves and thought, why not?

This is a top you can wear when you want to feel, soft snuggly, and warm, but you also want a bit of style. The wide 70’s inspired sleeves take this sweatshirt to a whole new level. The sleeves are a little long ( It’s part of the “I’m so natural and easygoing” look), but surprisingly the top doesn’t feel baggy. It’s fairly streamlined through the body, even though it is a loose-fitting top.

This top is a little plain at the neckline, so I layered on a cute scarf to add dimension and texture. This is one that I had in my closet, but I have included links below to similar ones that would work nicely, too. I think a scarf really adds a lot.

Are you wondering about my bag? That’s actually a python-embossed phone case on a strap from GiGi NY. Really, that’s all you need on weekends, plus a credit card and a bit of cash that you can tuck inside this case. A crossbody purse is also a great accessory for this relaxed look. It goes with the natural/sporty vibe at the core of the boho style. You can order these initialized, which makes a great X-mas gift. Do you know what the L stands for in my initials?

Boots are my favorite thing to wear this time of year, and I especially love over-the-knee boots. Something about a very tall flat boot makes you feel very earthy and ready for action. For some reason, an image of Robin Hood is running through my head (lol!).

I guess it’s because these boots really do have that Robin Hood feel (or even pirate feel, for that matter!)

Black suede, with lots of buttons and edgy elasticized lace-ups all the way up the back.. these over-the-knee boots are very cool and super eye-catching! They’re also very comfy and easy to put on. Please leave it to Vince Camuto to come up with a fab pair of boots like these, and they’re quite reasonably priced too!

These are the type of boots that will also look fabulous with a cute winter sweater dress and black tights!

My sunglasses are Ray-Ban- I’m crazy about this hexagonal shape, as you know if you have seen my other outfit posts, and my earrings are by Kendra Scott. I can’t tell you how much I’ve worn these earrings. The exotic cutouts and sassy swing make them fun, but they’re still very classy. They go with everything. I like a dangle earring with a swashbuckling outfit like this. Studs would be too prim and proper.


So there’s my take on the Saturday sweatshirt. Such a refreshing change from the common gray, crew neck style as old as the hills.

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