Camo Jeans & Pants with Some Cool, Modern Twists

Camo pants have never really been my cup of tea. They’ve always seemed a little too tough and utilitarian for my style and made me feel like I was playing hunter or pretending to be in the army.

But lately, I’ve noticed some new styles and interesting ways of wearing camo pants that I like. Have a look at what’s suddenly commanding my attention.

#1 Cropped French Military Pant

These are the first camo pants I’ve seen that I can actually say, I love. I definitely prefer the lighter color, because it works with my hair and complexion, and doesn’t feel as army-like. There’s a hint of military, but the Khaki Tiger Camo could almost pass as a botanical print.

I also really like the slim leg on these pants, and the cropped elastic hem. They look like they sit just right around the leg, not too tight or loose.

I think the way they’ve been styled here, with this elegant blouse, kicks the outfit up several notches. And of course, heeled sandals make this look super sexy.

#2 Sanctuary Camo Pants

There are a million camo pants in these traditional dark colors, so why did this pair catch my eye? I like the two-button detail at the waist on these Sanctuary camo pants. I think it adds a little something extra, and the slim cut is my favorite.

Cropped camo pants are really popular at the moment from capris to ankle length. I prefer them over full-length because they make camo seem more feminine. Showing off your feminine ankles helps balance out that tough vibe.

Cropped pants visually shorten your legs so don’t cover them up with a long top. Go for a cute cropped top like this one above, or tuck in.

When you wear a top in one of the colors of the print (in this case black) it also helps makes you look tall and slim because the eye naturally moves up and down along one long line of color.

I love this cute black front-tie top is classic, relaxed and pretty. That’s the key for me – taking a masculine pant and find a way to inject a little pretty!

#3 Camo Sweatpants

I’m not a big sweatpants person, but this camo pair jumped out at me. I appreciate the slim fit because jogger pants can often look bulky.

What really sold me was the stripes on the one leg. They make joggers look so sporty and different! I like the idea of wearing these with a white top and white sneakers for a very casual, fun look. These joggers work really well with stay at home style and would also be great as a walking pant.

4. Knit Camo Culottes

While we are looking at more casual lounge -type pants, I wanted to show you these. They’re different, right? – Cropped wide-leg pants in a soft knit fabric. These are super laid back, but the culottes style makes them a little bit special, and they’re great for warm weather.

camouflage ankle tie pants

5. Ankle Tie Camo Pants

I got kind of excited about these camo print ankle-tie pants, until I realized they were pretty much sold out. Hopefully, they will restock. Then I saw the same pair in tan and realized I liked them even better. (Tan is available.)

These sleek ankle -tie trousers may not have a camo print, but they definitely have an army feel. This is such a classy version of the classic military pant. I love how closely the waistband and legs fit without looking tight, and those cute twist ties at the ankle make the pants look effortlessly chic.

All eyes will be on these fabulous pants, so make sure to keep your top half clean and simple. This stretchy white tee does the trick.

6. Camo Leggings

This last pair seemed kind of interesting since I wear a lot of leggings when I sit behind my computer and I’m tired of black. These are camo leggings and they’re Ponte, so a heavier knit and more like a stretchy pant. These could be cute!

If you work from home and want to be comfy, maybe forget your black workout leggings or tight jeans and try these.

Do you wear camo pants? If you don’t, do you think you might try a pair after seeing these? I’d love to know. Which are your favorite/

Here are some more fabulous camo pants in stores now.

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