Comfy Leggings Outfits for Work (When You Work at Home)

What’s one of the best things about conducting business from home? You get to wear leggings, and nobody cares! Leggings can be the starting point for a chic work-from-home uniform that’s also very relaxed and cozy.  Here are three comfy, pulled-together leggings outfits for gals who work at home.

Fashion for Women Over 40: Leggings and a sweater to wear when you work from home

1.  Leggings with a Cozy Sweater 

Black leggings and a long sweater are a cozy no-brainer, but for a slightly more stylish version, mix things up a bit with white leggings and a sweater in a bright and happy color. This luxury wool-cashmere blend sweater, pictured here in bright pink, will bring a beautiful glow to your face (who doesn’t need that around this time of year? LOL!), comes in tons of colors, and it’s currently on sale!

If you wear slippers when you work from home, take a good look at your current ones. Do they look like the dog chewed them, even if you don’t have a dog? It may be time to replace them with a new pair of pretty pink slippers. If you’re like me, you wear them a lot, so don’t be afraid to splurge and buy a good quality pair that will last.

Fashion for women over 40: What to wear when you work from home. White shirt and leggings

2.  Jeggings with a Crisp Shirt

There is something so chic about a woman in a crisp white shirt no matter what her age. When you’re wearing one with leggings, look for a shirt that’s tunic-length and hits you below the bum. I love these denim jeggings that I’ve paired with this crisp blue shirt. They’re as comfy as leggings but give you the look of skinny jeans. You’ll get tons of wear out of them.

Finish the look off with a comfy slip-on. These sweet ballet flats are not only great for working from home; they’re the perfect shoe if you have to quickly nip out to get the kids, meet a friend for coffee, or pick up a few things for dinner.

Fashion for women over 40: Leggings to wear when you work from home

3.  Leggings with Sporty Stripes

Do a little paperwork, and then run out to your doctor’s appointment. You’ll look casual but classy in this sporty number.  Black and white stripes are always in fashion but paired with leggings, cute slides, and pretty necklaces, they are new and noteworthy. The asymmetrical hemline gives this outfit a creative vibe.

Do you wear leggings when you work from home? Post a photo in my private Facebook group and let me see.

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13 thoughts on “Comfy Leggings Outfits for Work (When You Work at Home)

  1. I love my leggings; what are the names of other long shirts besides tunic that go with leggings? I know long flannels go well, but summer is coming; any suggestions?

  2. Hello!
    I love this article! I started back to work a month ago and wondered what I could wear to feel comfortable and still look stylish. My closet is filled with dress pants and blouses. Thanks to this article, I started buying leggings. Now all I need are some tops. With the cooler weather coming, do you have any suggestions?

    Thank you

  3. Is it necessary to cover your butt (if you are over 40) when wearing leggings if you work out and have a perfect butt?

    1. Hi Janet, some knit leggings are so thick that they are more like pants. If you have an excellent figure, they can look o.k. with a top that hits your hipbone, but most of the time, it is classier to go with a longer top that covers your bottom. Cheers, Deborah

  4. Hi Deborah, can you recommend a high-quality pair of leggings? I want a team that has a nice weight. Thanks!

    1. Hi Janet, I like Lyssé Leggings Tight Ankle black leggings stretch in four ways, with a tummy-flattening waistband that is comfortable despite its’ control goes ways! NJ also makes leggings now, and although I have not tried them, I’m bettin’ they would be good! You can check them all out here:
      Cheers, Deborah

  5. So cute!! With the price of clothes going up so high, I have been going to sales to stock up on classy casuals. I love the look.

  6. This post was just what I needed to read this week! I work from home, but I am not sending a pic of the ensembles I’ve been wearing around the house lately! They’re pretty scary : ) I always looked nice every day, even alone. Still, I’ve had a lot of stress this past year and fell into a pattern of just throwing on hoodies or sweaters over warm flannel draw-string pants, knee sox, and slippers, with hair up in a barette, while in my home office. Not having to rush out the door at 7:00 a.m, it is easy to get too comfortable. But you know, even at home it affects your mood and outlook when you don’t wear make-up and nice clothing. Thanks for the extra motivation I needed to get my mojo going again!

    1. Hi Ann,
      We all know too well the slippery slope you can start down when you don’t have to be at an office. I can’t believe how many times I’ve had someone call me at the last minute and ask me out or even “pop over” only to look sloppy. Not to say, there have also been days that I have gotten myself all put together only to have the entire day go by and had no one to notice that I had bothered. But, I always feel better on the days that I make an effort to look nice. It’s good for your esteem, and the nice outfits don’t stretch like comfy pants…therefore I’m not as likely to gain weight either!

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