Lemon Zest – Fun Or Too Far Out?

Anything with the word “zest” in it is bound to add some zing. This happy yellow color is a great way to get over the cold-weather blues and was offered up by designers in many of their day and evening spring designs.

Lemon Zest


But is this a color that really just works on the runway? Can gals like us, 40, 50 and beyond, really wear this color in our everyday lives without looking like a Chiquita banana?

Well that depends on a few things including: your personality, how much yellow wear/or how you wear it, and if this is a color that suits your personal coloring.

Yellow, especially this yellow,  is super bright, which means even if you typically shine  in yellow this shade might be too high voltage for you now you are “eh hem”, a little older. Try it, but it might turn out that there’s too much contrast between this near fluorescent and your aging skin, and you could look harsh wearing it.

If you are attracted to this color as I am, (yellow is my very favorite color), you could try wearing it in small doses. For example, in a top like this one.


citrus blouse green jeans 2


A yellow jacket is another option.  Annette Hoeldrich, a blogger from Germany who has a blog for mature women called Lady of Style, sent us this photo of her in a chic yellow jacket. She’s paired it with a black and white shirt and a pendant necklace and looks totally fab.

Lemon zest jacket and pendant
Annette Hoeldrick added just the right amount of yellow to look Fab and not far out

Experiment. Try adding a pop of yellow here or there to an outfit that you already have. A belt, a pair of shoes, a purse a pair of sunglasses; one of those could be fun.

What do you think? Are you game to try yellow this spring or are you going to pass on this sunny trend?


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6 thoughts on “Lemon Zest – Fun Or Too Far Out?

  1. The colour Yellow in this particular shade is very energetic and adds excitement to ones wardrobe, for it makes quite a statement and just livens up a look!
    Beautiful post! love your blog!


  2. Yellow is not my FAV. color, but I do like its “cheeriness,” and do like it in small(er) doses. You gave some great alternative ideas as to how to incorporate it.

    Thanks Deborah!

  3. This was a timely article. I just bought a pair of lemon yellow ankle jeans yesterday. I am very conservative when it comes to clothes but they were so pretty and happy and springlike, they called my name from the rack! The price was right, and the fit was perfect. I tried them on for my Over 60 sister (I am 45) and she loved them. I plan to wear them with a black or navy nice dressy tee shirt and some cute flat thong sandals, either black ones or a toned down metallic silver, and suble jewelry since the jeans speak for themselves. Who knows?! Maybe I will send you a pic! I posted a similar outfit to the Spring fashion contest pinterest board featuring pale yellow jeans. I guess I am taking my own fashion advice!

  4. While I love color, yellow isn’t one of my favorites to wear. It looks beautiful on some people, but my personality wouldn’t pull it off. I choose to stay away from it and admire it on others.

    1. Heather that’s perfectly fine. If you don’t feel comfortable and confident in what you are wearing it will show. Better to go with a color you feel like a million bucks in.

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