Yes, I Wore Leopard Print Skinny Jeans Over 40!

Maybe it’s because I’m a Leo, but I’m drawn to animal prints. They’re fun and exciting when you want to shake things up a bit. A few months ago, I picked up these playful, leopard print skinny jeans, and I notice that every time I wear them, I get a lot of compliments.

leopard pants

With such a bold print, I like to keep the look simple. Usually, I will wear a black top with a touch of jewelry. I also love to add a pop orange.

For example, I just bought a sporty little jacket to throw on over a top. I love the look of this windbreaker with a bomber style cut and rolled up sleeves. The color is so happy, and it is a warm coat too. It’s a very practical spring jacket for the weekends, but it has style too.

leopard jeans orange top

Comfort is key to me. Finding cute tops with sleeves can be a challenge because most of the tops I see out there are sleeveless or short sleeves. This 3/4 length is the best of both worlds. I’ve paired the jeans here with these cute gold sandals.

You get some coverage, but you still show some skin that gives a youthful look. Did you notice that orange is one of my best colors? My skin and hair are on the warm side, so I wear orange, peach, and coral to make me come to life.

leopard print jeans and orange jacket

You don’t have to wear animal print pants to get the look. A lot of women find a pair of leopard shoes or a bag does the trick. Even the smallest touch of leopard adds an edginess to your outfit. You’ll find many 40+ bloggers who are wild for animal prints.  Some like it wild, while others keep it subtle.

Do you wear animal prints? Are you a leopard lover? How do you wear it? Let me know.

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15 thoughts on “Yes, I Wore Leopard Print Skinny Jeans Over 40!

    1. Hi Gul,
      Leopard print also looks good with red or emerald green but I think the with the orange it is a very modern combination. Thanks for dropping by. Cheers! Deborah

  1. Oh yes, I love all kinds of animal prints – leopard, zebra, snake… skirt, dress, scarves, jacket!
    You look amazing, Deborah, these skinny jeans fit you like a glove. And indeed, the orange or coral red is fabulous for you!

    Annette | Lady of Style

  2. Make sure the print is subtle? I’ve never thought about that. So there should be not a lot of contrast between the color of the “spots” and the background color? Or just overall the tone of the fabric is subtle? Or both?

    p.s. I’ve always loved animal print too. Many years ago, I had a pair of animal print slim pants which my husband said reminded him of what Jethro’s girlfriends wore when he was a Hollywood producer. I loved those pants though with a long cream colored mock neck sweater, long necklace, and boots.

  3. After looking for a long time something about this Google brought me to your doorsteps. Praise the Lord! Thank you Google for helping me, also, thank you so much for gathering so many information’s. Love your post and will check your site often! Thanks

  4. I’m not usually into leopard/animal on anything but lingerie (and I’m wearing my super sexy, yet comfortable enough for daily wear, leopard bra right now!) but I love the look of a fabulous bag!

    You may have opened this conservative dresser’s mind. Thank you!

    1. Hi Teresa,
      Oh good! That is fun to hear… I have bought lots of animal print scarves over the years for my clients and they always call me up saying how much fun they are having wearing them!
      One note, I do think leopard can look cheap if it is not top quality… so good luck and make sure to find a print that is subtle but still speaks to you!!

  5. I have also found myself drawn to all things leopard. I found a really cute bag (Kathy Van Zeeland) that I thought would be the perfect solution. Knowing that you have to be careful with this (leopard) print, I appreciate the tips for what to pair it with.

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