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Lessons in Style – The Age of Grace

In a time when comfort has become more important than style, and anything goes, even if it’s in poor taste, it’s refreshing to see an elegant approach to fashion. Refinement and class are exactly what I discovered when I came across the blog, The Age of Grace. 

Eugenia - age of grace -pink pantsuit over 40

40+ plus blogger Eugenia works in the pharmaceutical industry by day and blogs about fashion, health, fitness, and anti-aging in her spare time. Whether she’s wearing casual jeans or a fancy dress, Eugenia always looks polished and chic. Oh, and I did mention, she has a killer smile too!

Eugenia- Age-of-grace- plaid shirtdress

Eugenia pairs a plaid dress with a denim jacket and a statement necklace.

Eugenia’s style is classic and feminine and includes lots of timeless pieces. Take one look at her blog, and you’ll see that she has a deep love of dresses because she finds them easy to wear. One of her favorite styling tricks is to add simply a great pair of shoes and some stand-out accessories.

Deborah BolandI was curious to know more about Eugenia, her style, and the inspiration behind her blog. Here’s what she had to say.

Deb: Eugenia, Your style is impeccable. Who were the role models who helped shape your look?

Eugenia: I would consider my mother and grandmother my role models. When I started building my wardrobe, my mother suggested building it on classic basic pieces and colors.  You can add accessories or colors to update your look.

She also recommended that I always have something to wear to a wedding or a funeral. She cautioned me not to buy one fabulous piece without first being sure it would seamlessly blend into my wardrobe. Now over 30 years, I have built a wardrobe of classic pieces and continue to build it every season.  The real challenge is to stay the same size so I can wear these great items.

Eugenia- Age-of-grace- striped skirt

Eugenia adds subtle pops of color with her accessories.

Deb: What inspired you to start your blog, The Age of Grace?

Eugenia: I ultimately want to create a voice for women of a certain age, mature, aging gracefully, healthy, and chic. Your blog, Fabulous after 40,  does a “fabulous” (pun intended) job highlighting style and fashion women for real women over 40. I admire how younger women, moms, and curvy girls have a voice. I saw a void for mature voices in fashion, style, and fun.

I have been in the pharmaceutical industry for seventeen years. I wanted to blend my work life with my passion, creating health awareness information that I provide on my blog. I also want to share age-appropriate style and the importance of taking care of one’s body, exercising, and eating healthy.

Euengia - Age-of-grace-vintage-swiss dot-dress

Channeling Hollywood starlets of the 1920s, Eugenia attended a black-tie event in a black lace dress.

In addition to being influenced by her mother and grandmother, Eugenia is also inspired by regal old Hollywood glamor. She loves watching old black and white movies and reveling in vintage Hollywood fashions and icons.

Eugenia-Age-of-Grace- zebra coat

Eugenia looks youthful and age-appropriate in a zebra print coat.

Deb: What is the biggest mistake you see women over 40 make when it comes to dressing?

Eugenia: I think many women make the mistake of dressing like their daughters or as if they are 20-something. The simplest thing women can do to show they have style and grace is to dress for you, your body type, and develop your own personal style.

Eugenia-Age-of Grace- Genplaid check cape

Eugenia’s reversible cape offers a splash of color when she’s in the mood or a toned-down plaid print when she’s not.

Deb: Do you think there is such a thing as age-appropriate?

Eugenia: I do believe there is such thing as age-appropriate.  Let’s take this zebra coat as an example. My daughter and I may buy the same coat or skirt, but she will wear it differently than I do. I believe it’s all about dressing for your lifestyle and body type.

Eugenia-Age of Grace- white jacket

Eugenia changes it up with a pair of tailored black pants.

Eugenia takes a break from a dress to pair a classic, tailored black trouser with a peplum top and a moto-style jacket. This is a trademark pairing for Eugenia, mixing classic pieces with trendy ones for a modern look.

Eugenia-Age- of- Grace- white- lace-skirt

Eugenia is stunning in monochromatic shades of cream.

Some great style lessons from Eugenia! Be sure to check out her blog, The Age of Grace, to see more Eugenia modeling her lovely outfits.

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8 thoughts on “Lessons in Style – The Age of Grace

  1. Loved the feature on Eugenia. She gives us women over “40” assurance of being sporty, fashionable without looking like a millennial while maintaining our sex appeal in a very classy way! Thanks Eugenia for showing us we get better with time! Luv Ya! Keep up the Good Work!

  2. This is one of the best-dressed women I’ve ever seen! Years ago, when I was 40, I had a black evening gown like that one. At least the top was–I think the skirt of this one is a bit too fussy–but otherwise EVERYTHING she wears is perfect, neat as a pin, feminine and womanly. I’m sure her family’s proud of her! The pink pantsuit is beyond words it’s so beautiful! And the dress with the denim jacket is ideal for fall. Everything else is EYE-POPPING, too. Thank you, Eugenia!

  3. Thanks for sharing Eugenia’s story what a wonderful blog. She always looks chic and well put together with fabulous fashion flair. What a great choice to feature my friend in Fabulousafter50!

    1. I really could not pick a favourite outfit. Eugenia’s style is just lovely.

      Thanks for introducing us to Eugenia!

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