Light Up Your Wardrobe With a Long Vest

Days like this remind me of that song from Annie: The sunll come out / Tomorrow / Bet your bottom dollar / That tomorrow / There’ll be sun! /


There’s nothing like a sunny day to lift your spirits and get you going. Of course, wearing a fabulous new outfit doesn’t hurt either (wink, wink!)  Today I’m partnering with Nordstrom to bring you a great idea for a casual outfit that will brighten your day and make you look chic.


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Have you ever thought about wearing a long vest? The other day I came across this elegant,  long vest by Soia and Kyo at Nordstrom that looks like a sleeveless trench coat. Right away, I knew it was something special.


This is the kind of piece that has that instant cool factor. It’s more hip than a long sweater and not as hot and heavy as a long jacket or coat. When you slip it on, you feel like you can take on the world!


This vest has an oversize menswear vibe, but it doesn’t look or feel overly masculine.  It looks fab from the front and the sides.


I love the big, dramatic, drapey collar. The warm honey color is soft and rich. If you prefer cooler shades, then you’ll be happy to know that this vest also comes in gray.


I’m wearing my vest with a super soft and stretchy, burgundy  long-sleeved tee. This stunning pendant necklace is from Kendra Scott, a Texas jewelry designer who is a hot seller at Nordstrom. I love the contrast of the white stone and gold against the burgundy top.


My pendant creates a nice focal point that draws the eye up and down and has a slimming effect. I’m wearing black Paige Hoxton High Rise Jeans ( black shadow) with this burgundy top but if you want even more of a slimming effect, try wearing your vest with a black tee, black jeans + black footwear. All one color, especially a dark color, is extra slimming when worn under a long, open, light-colored vest like this.


One of the reasons this vest looks so luxurious is because it is wool. Details also make the difference. Check out the epaulets- a cool military detail.


See how nice my outfit looks with these pointy-toe zip suede booties?


I think a bit of arm candy always adds so much. This Sailor’s Knot bangle and Crystal Enamel bracelet are from Kate Spade. The purse is too. This is the Kate Spade Dillon Tassel bag, a great all-round bag that is classic and functional.


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Looking ahead to my day, this is a great outfit to wear to a casual business meeting. It’s got a bit of an authoritative feel, but it’s not at all uptight. 

Check out Nordstrom to buy this outfit.

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