How to Look Ageless with the Right Accessories

The easiest way to stay looking youthful and chic after the age of 40 is to pay close attention to your accessories. While you may be sporting the latest clothing styles, pairing your outfits with dated handbags, jewelry, shoes and belts is a dead giveaway that you’ve been at this fashion game a very long time.

How do you figure out which accessories are too old, too young or just right? Here are 6 popular accessories and the reasons why some will make you look ageless.

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9 thoughts on “How to Look Ageless with the Right Accessories

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your info, of all your tips. Do you have a newsletter that I could subscribe to free? If so count me in.

    Thanks much
    Wanda Porter

  2. As a life-long accessories queen, I think you were absolutely right on about choosing the right age appropriate accessories. It’s a reminder to all of us to get rid of those old accessories that date you and may not reflect who you are now.

    I always read your newsletter and have passed it on to many of my friends. Thanks for doing such a great job!



  3. Great job in actually demonstrating what works and what doesn’t for a women 40+ Sophistication is definitely the key. I know I stay away from frilly girly stuff myself. It just seems weird at 40-something. Not to say you can’t make more traditionally feminine looks work.

  4. Oh face it nothing says “ageless” like money! You’re right a nice Tiffany emerald cut stone is very tasty…especially if it’s a diamond. It can also buy you the surgery needed to still look good in costume jewelry, heart shape watches, belts, and cropped sweaters.

    1. A smile is the cheapest facelift I’ve seem. Yes quality aka expensive is hard to complain about but I like cheap stylish things that I can turn around quickly as well. Thinking about them now makes me smile – and hey I just got a facelift as well.
      These acesarries are cool. Agree with Ms B she’s just spreading the love……

  5. Well, you can spend a lot of money on the wrong things and still look old!
    I’m trying to just give examples of good taste and hope that my readers can find something similar within their budget. Just because you have a facelift, I hope you won’t run out and try to dress too young!