How to Look Feminine in a Snake Print Blouse

Animal prints have been a huge trend in the last couple of years, and while I have a lot of leopard clothing, snake print is new for me.

blue snake print blouse, purple jacket Deborah Boland

Even though it’s has been popular, snake print has always felt a bit too dark, edgy, and masculine, so I avoided it.  But just recently, I came across this colorful snake print blouse and had a change of heart.

purple velvet jacket snakeprint top | Deborah BolandI found a way to wear a snake print that feels more feminine and more “me.”  Here I am wearing my new snake print blouse from Not Your Daughter’s Jeans with one of my favorite jackets. Do you remember this jacket? I wore it over the holidays with a sparkly sweater and last year with an all-black outfit.

purple jacket blue snakeprint blouse

This lovely snake print outfit looks and feels more feminine to me for a few reasons.

#1. The Color: Most snake prints are black with brown or gray. They are very dark and serious. This gorgeous blue snake print totally sold me. It’s is vibrant, modern, and full of life. The color (Pantone’s color of the year – Classic Blue) is very fashion-forward. The print has little flecks of hot pink in it, which also makes it very pretty.

blue snakeprint top black jeans. Deborah Boland

#2. The Print: I also think this snake print blouse is more feminine than most because of the subtlety of the print. The blue color makes the print look more like a mosaic than an actual snake print – at least from a distance. You have to look twice to see that it is actually a snake print. I like this because it looks and feels more elegant.

#3 My Plum Velvet Jacket: To up the feminine factor, even more, I like wearing this blouse with my plum-colored velvet jacket. The plum picks up on the pink the blouse and velvet is such a pretty, luxurious fabric, it instantly softens and up levels the edgy snake print.

velvet jacket, blue snakeprint blouse, black jeans Deborah BolandBlack jeans ground the look and make the snake print blouse and jacket stand out.  I’ve tucked in at the front to show off my belt and make my legs look extra long. My classic Chanel bag, which I have had for nearly 10 years, is the finishing touch.

blue snakeprint top, purple blazer, black jeans. Deborah Boland

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So to recap,

If you have been thinking about trying snake print and want to look more feminine

  • consider a brighter or softer color – something pretty
  • look for a more subtle print
  • pair a polished, feminine piece with your snake print

To shop this look, click the photo links above to go directly to the stores and buy.

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