7 Luxury Details to Elevate Your Style

What makes some 40+ women look so sophisticated and classy while others look like fashion victims or frumps?

It often comes down to the quality of their clothes. Let’s face it; when you’re young and fresh-faced, you can almost get away with nearly anything. A crisp trendy little knock-off shirt for only $20, made to last a single season, can make you look like a million bucks. But, take that same shirt and try wearing it when you’ve got a few wrinkles and some midlife curves, and it will make you look harsh and cheap.

Quality counts, especially after 40. Beautifully made, luxurious clothes and accessories are Timeless and will make you look Timeless too.

If you’ve been saving your high-end pieces for some special occasion that never comes, pull them out from the back of your closet and put them on! Now is the time to indulge if you’ve never considered treating yourself to something a little more upscale. At this stage of the game, you’ve deserved a little luxury!
Nothing says luxury better than these seven things:

1. Anything Cashmere

Luxurious fabrics like cashmere will make you look sexy without having to expose everything. For example, I saw a 75-year-old woman I knew at a charity fashion show the other day, and she looked sensational. She was wearing a cashmere sweater and a beautiful tan skirt. The style of the shirt was youthful but didn’t expose cleavage, and the cashmere fabric was so soft and touchable that she appeared alluring but classy.

2. Pearls

Jewelry comes and goes, but pearls are timeless. Tahitian and freshwater pearls have been famous for the last several years. Another beautiful look at the moment is pearls worn in long strands combined with varying lengths of gold chains or gemstone necklaces.

3. Silk

Nothing looks chicer than a gorgeous silk scarf around your neck, around your head, or tied to your handbag. Silk scarves worn as headbands are the fashion statement of the moment, and of course, a flash of silk lining inside your coat always looks rich and luxurious. Style is in detail, and silk is one detail that people notice.

4. A Quality Leather Bag

Be it natural or croc-stamped leather, this is another fashion must we guarantee will make you look Age-amazing. If you don’t own one, treat yourself to this style necessity.

5. High-End Leather Pumps

Shoes have a language all their own. A gorgeous pair of leather pumps with a medium to high heel looks fabulous with everything and appropriate at any age.

6. Diamond Studs

Diamond studs look right whether you are wearing jeans or dressed to the nines. Classic and cool, they are a 40+ gal’s best friend.

7. Beaded Detailing

A touch of sparkle makes you look youthful and glamorous. Too much can make you look like a Christmas tree. Less is more, so try a little beading on your accessories rather than your clothes. How about a pretty beaded clutch with a cocktail dress or some beading favorite evening shoe?

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