Matrix Biolage Blue Agave Smoothing Shine Milk

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been talking about some of my best beauty finds like Dr. Teal’s Avocado Epsom Salts and Colleen Rothschild’s Radiant Cleansing Balm. Today I want to talk about hair and tell you about something I’ve been using that I find works. It’s called Matrix Biolage Blue Agave Smoothing Shine Milk. (Now that’s a mouthful!)

matrix biolage smoothing shine milk

I have straight, fine hair and I’m lucky to have a pretty good amount of it.  The only problem is as I’ve aged I’ve noticed it has gotten frizzy if I don’t blow dry it right away. Even then, it can look scorched and dull if I don’t apply something before I begin to blow.  I’m always trying new things, and there are a couple of things  I use regularly. The Blue Agave Smoothing Shine Milk is one of them.

I can see they call it milk because that is what it looks like. It’s like thin, creamy white skim milk in a spray bottle, but it’s not sticky or goopy at all.  I spray about six shots of it all over my wet hair, concentrating on the ends, then comb it through and then start to blow.

The result is smooth hair and a lovely shine that makes my hair look more vibrant and alive. I wouldn’t say it is a volumizer, and it doesn’t advertise itself to be. It’s just a lightweight mist that tames those fizzy ends and adds brilliance to my hair, which in turn makes me look much more fresh and youthful.Biolage_Styling_SmoothingShineMilk

Does it work for everyone? My friend/ Pilates trainer Gabriela first introduced me to this when she handed her near full spray bottle over to me because she found the product made her hair too limp. Gabriela has very fine hair, and it’s thinning. I was skeptical it could work for me because my hair goes limp pretty quickly also, but I guess I have a good enough amount of hair to make it work.

What the blue agave is or does, I didn’t know, so I looked it up. On Google, it says Agave is “the same plant used to make tequila.” -LOL!  It’s sweet and used on your hair the sugars in agave nectar draw water to the hair, so it acts as a hair taming humectant.

Hmm, No wonder it works and also smells so good!

Right now I’m using hold #1, but I see it comes in hold #2 and 3, so maybe I’ll bump up to #2 next time and see what the difference is. For now, I’m thrilled with this product just the way it is, and I just checked the internet where it seems to have very positive reviews too. Matrix Biolage Blue Agave Smoothing Shine Milk is a great hair beauty booster that is worth trying.

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4 thoughts on “Matrix Biolage Blue Agave Smoothing Shine Milk

  1. Hello Deborah, It’s me again! I’m not usually moved to write about hair products but I did find some of the smoothing creme from Amazon and have used it twice now and I am amazed at how good it is! For other women perhaps considering it: I have fine hair, but like you, I am lucky to have a lot of it. I do not dye my hair and it is very grey,- read friizzy and fairly dry! on the under layers. Oily serums and conditioners aimed at dry hair just weigh my hair down, even if I use very little. This Matrix Biolage creme is wondeful! My hair is easier to style and feels silkier. I use it instead of conditioner and as you advised, a maximum of six squirts on the bottom half of my hair. I have found that the effects last until my next hairwash. THANK YOU for the tip!

  2. This could not have come at a better time for me. I also have fine but lots of it with frizzies and dullness hair and was despairing at finding something that didn’t weigh my hair down. I am definitely going to give this a go, if I can find some in Europe that is. Thanks!

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