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Meet The 40+ Blogger Behind A Labour of Life

One of the nicest things about being a 40+ blogger is getting to meet other bloggers. Nine times out of ten that takes place online because everyone is spread out around the world. But this weekend I got a pleasant surprise when I attended a 2- day fashion blogging conference here in Toronto called Spark Sessions.

Linda and Deborah Boland at Social Sparks fashion blogging conference - pleasant surprise
Linda and Deborah Boland at Social Sparks fashion blogging conference


I had just arrived and was having my morning cup of tea when I noticed what seemed like a familiar face making her way across the room. You know how it is when you think to yourself, “I have seen this woman somewhere”, but you just can’t place her?

I made eye contact, motioned to her and excitedly asked, “Do we know each other?” Then it hit me. This was Linda, a fairly new 40+ blogger who had, just a day before, sent me photos of her style to post on my What I Wore segment.

What a wonderful surprise! One of the reasons I didn’t recognize Linda right off the bat was she had just changed her hair color. I knew her as a blond, and now she was a gorgeous shade of fabulous red. The other thing I didn’t realize was that Linda was from Canada.

Deborah Boland and Linda at Social Sparks Fashion blogging conference - gorgeous shade of fabulous red
Deborah Boland and Linda at Social Sparks Fashion blogging conference


I live in Burlington, Ontario, which is just west of Toronto and about two hours from Buffalo, NY.  Linda lives in our nation’s capital, Ottawa – a four-hour train ride from Toronto.

We had a great time hanging out at the conference, and it feels great to have made a Canadian blogger friend. This week I thought I’d post these photos of the two of us and Linda’s unique 40+ style.   Take a look and meet Linda, the lovely woman behind the lifestyle blog, A Labour of Life.

leopard print over 40 style blogger - Canadian blogger friend
Lovely in leopard


A blogger in her spare time, Linda is a top government officer by day who negotiates essential services for bargaining units during labor disruptions as well as managerial exclusions.

On and off the job, she  loves wearing “trendy pieces, but always with a bit of a classic twist.”  Her favorite things are shoes, boots, and statement jewelry.

Printed-dress-with-boots - bit of a classic twist


When I asked  Linda how her style has evolved over the years, she said, “I have always had a love of fashion, but as I have matured I think I have become more confident in wearing what I like and what I believe suits me. Maturity helped me realize that age is a number, and I can wear what I like but adapt it to what I feel comfortable at my age.”

casual-outwear-for-women-over-40 - feel comfortable
Cute casual-outwear-for-women-over-40


What’s the best fashion tip/advice Linda has ever received? “Sit and bend before leaving the house… if either of those movements make you uncomfortable, maybe you should rethink what you are wearing.  The best advice I received was, rules were made to be broken. It’s OK to mix patterns and wear white when you want but make sure you are comfortable with your choices.”

plaid suit over 40 style blogger - mix patterns and wear white
Looking ready to go in a plaid suit


What does Linda like most about being a 40+ blogger? “With maturity came confidence. Now, I worry if I think I look great, not if someone else thinks I look great. The best part of being a 40+ blogger is the expectations are all mine no-one elses.”

red plaid over 40 style blogger - look great
red plaid over 40 style blogger


It was a pleasure meeting Linda, and I look forward to getting a Canadian branch of 40+ Fashion bloggers up and running. Be sure to check out Linda’s wonderful blog, A Labour of Life. It’s a joy to read.


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