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Midlife Styleblazers You Need to Meet

Have you ever wanted to be a blogger? Then these women are sure to inspire you. They’re all midlife style bloggers I’ve featured in my Fabulous After 30 Styleblazer series.


Mandy, a wardrobe stylist who’s passionate about helping women organize their closets to maximize their potential to look their best, shares her favorite outfits on Instagram at Fashion Unfolded By Mandy. (top middle)

Jessica, a fashion blogger who celebrates romantic, feminine dressing, explores her passion for all things pretty and vintage on her blog Elegantly Dressed and Stylish. (top right)

Dawn Lucy is a high school English teacher by day, style blogger by night who prides herself on breaking old rules and taking on controversial trends on her blog Fashion Should Be Fun. (bottom)

Be sure to read their inspiring Styleblazer features and others. Here are the links to more Over 40 Fashion Bloggers I have profiled as part of this series.

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Whose style do you relate to and why?

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7 thoughts on “Midlife Styleblazers You Need to Meet

  1. Do you think that you could feature more style bloggers for women plus size? I’m a huge fan of your site and newsletters, however I barely see stuff for plus size fabulous ladies. Thanks

  2. Do you think that you could feature more style bloggers for women over 70years of age, please? I would love to see their styles and ideas, because age brings such intriguing thoughts and imaginative ideas re fashion. I would like some help with my own over 70 clothes choices! Thank you.

  3. I try to march to the beat of my own drum. As far as style goes, I do like a bit of the relaxed but kind of naughty vibe of Bardot. I also like Jane Birkin’s style–both then and now. And there’s always Audrey Hepburn and Lauren Hutton.
    My mission is to make sure women over 50, 60+ realize that we should wear what we want, what looks good and what we are comfortable in. We should not allow age or the fashion industry dictate to us what we should wear. Today I wrote about How to Wear Shorts When You are Over 50, 60+. I’m loving this blog BTW! I’m eagerly reading the other blogs for women our age!

    1. Thanks for dropping by Catherine. I agree that women should wear what they want, shorts included. Funny, you never hear the fashion world telling men over 50 not to wear shorts. Double standard.I will check out your blog. Cheers, Deb

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