Modeling After 40 – It Can Be Done!

I can’t tell you the number of readers who email me asking if I know how they can get into modeling now they are over 40. It has been a lifelong dream for many and turning 40 sparks something inside that says; this is your last chance. Just do it!

Unfortunately, 40+ models are few and far between in the media and advertising although things are getting a little better. I’m not really sure of any agencies who recruit models this age so if you know of any let me know.

My best advice if you want to model over 40 is to start your own Instagram account. Post photos daily of you in different outfits and tag the brands of the clothes you are wearing.

models over 40

Follow other 40+ bloggers. Like, comment and soon you will be getting likes and comments too.

Once you grow your following by being genuine and consistent and tagging brands, brands will take notice and start direct messaging you to wear their clothes. Once you have done, that and your following grows you can start charging to wear their clothes.

This can all happen slowly or fast depending on how much work you put into it. The great thing is that the fashion world has opened up to Influencers. You no longer have to be a certain height, weight, look, or AGE to make it.

Get cracking and get on Instagram. I’ll be watching for you, Supermodel!

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68 thoughts on “Modeling After 40 – It Can Be Done!

  1. I’m Miss Indonesia. Now I live in the USA. I am 47 and I want to become a model in the USA, how do I get started?

    1. Hi Poppy, I’m sorry I have no experience in the modeling world so I couldn’t tell you but if you want to be an influencer, just post on IG and start posting consistently, and offers should flow your way eventually. Hope your dream comes true! Go for it.

    1. Hi Rita, I have no experience with modeling but if you want to become an influence, just open an IG account and start posting on IG every day. Create a following and a brand may hire you. Sorry, I don’t have any more info than that. Best of luck!

    1. Hi, I’m 40 and I love modeling and I love beauty and can’t wait to be 1 of the most beautiful models above 40.

  2. I modeled a bit when I was younger, got married, had a family, and put my career on hold. Been thinking many times about what I should do with my life now that my child is grown and has gone off to his new adventure in life. I would love to model again. I’m in great shape and don’t look my age at all. I would appreciate an opportunity to pursue my dream that never quite left my spirit.

  3. Hi Deborah
    I am 35 -all my life wanted to dive into modeling. I have recently started to feel like I “missed the boat.” So I googled it and came across your site. Reading these excerpts makes me feel as though there is still hope. Any advice on how to pursue or even start an adventure like this?

    1. Great Kamie, Many women have this dream, so go for it! Just start an IG account and upload photos and tag the brands whose clothes you are wearing. Follow other IG accounts, and they will visit and comment back. It takes time, but you can grow and get noticed.
      Best wishes! It’s never too late to make your dreams come true!

    1. Hi Anneline, I hope this article inspires you. You can always start an Instagram account and start posting there. It’s a great way to connect with brands! Best of Luck!

      1. Same boat here. This article and comments have encouraged me as well. Parents put me in a class when young but didn’t have me stay for some reason. Uncle modeled locally. I’ve hung up the idea but it keeps circling back around. Feeling too old (43) now has given me hope that many of I become vulnerable I can try it. Thanks.

  4. I am a petite 44-year-old, working in the health, wellness, and fitness industry, and am told on a regular basis I look like I am in my twenties and should be a petite model. I am a certified Miss America judge and judge local pageants. I have been told I look like I am one of the contestants. After purchasing the $20 book and submitting my photos to numerous agencies, I have not been able to break into it yet, other than a couple of small fashion show jobs here locally. (These were non-paying jobs). What suggestions do you have or other information you could provide that will help me begin breaking into this business.
    Thank you for this site and for showing us how to be beautiful no matter your age, shape, or size.

    1. Hi Tami, This sounds like you calling, but unfortunately I have no info for you about modeling agencies. As you know advertisers don’t use a lot of 40+ models but we are hoping things will start to change. The best advice I could give is to start an Instagram account and start posting photos of yourself in outfits. Then tag brands you want to work with on your Instagram account and they may contact you to start modeling their clothes. That is what has happened with a lot of 40+ Instagrammers. You just have to be consistent in your posting and tagging and you should get somewhere! All the best! Cheers, Deborah

  5. Hello everyday all day long people tell me why hasn’t Hollywood found me yet, l smile and say thank you……I think its time for me to look in the mirror and see what people see

  6. I am 43 – at least for the next 6 days – and am told all the time that I should do this. I pondered the idea years ago, but my daughter became terminally ill with cancer and passed at the age of 7. Life definitely got the best of me then. It caused a divorce, which again has taken a lot out of me. I promised my daughter I would be happy and live my life. I am recently starting to do that now. Frankly, I am surprised that the stresses of life have not aged me – must be good genetics! I am 6′ tall, and exercise every day (it is my stress reliever). I have a cousin in NYC who models too! Maybe it is in the genes! I’m a single mom working full time and raising two awesome boys! I was looking for a second job because my kids are non-stop eaters :) A friend of mine blogs and has her own job recruitment agency emailed me when she was I was looking for a second job. She said, “Jenn, I always thought you should model!” I responded, “I am too old now!” She then sent me this website and encouraged me to check it out. So, here I am! Not really sure what to do going forward – but I will check out Judy Goss’s information!

  7. It has always my dream to be a print model. I’m 45 and time after time again when i talk about my children and how old they are people surprised about my age. Does anyone know how to start, and where to go to make my modeling dream come true.

  8. I am 46 years old and have always been told that I should pursue modeling. At age 27 I went to Caryn’a Modeling school in Mpls. I graduated, did a few things, then I got out of it and went to nursing school. I am still getting friends saying I need to get back into it but with a full time job not sure I have the time. I really want to know if I have a shot.

  9. Hi I’m Rachel
    I want start modeling now at 43. I look like I’m in my late 20’s. I have a great personality for modeling too. Where do I start?

  10. My age is 40 years old and I hope to find model job, it is my dream. people who i met in the street thought I am Naomi Campbell’s sister.

  11. I am 44 years old with 3 children 24,21&19 plus I’m a proud grandma. Every time I tell people my age no one ever believes me, then they comment “You should be a model because you seem not to would I begin. I’ve been a nursing assistant for over 18 years.

  12. Hi my name is Sharmaine I am 49 years old I would like to be a model for make up and jewelry and donate to charity heart surgery and children with cancer thank you for your 40+ agency

  13. Hello Ms. Boland; My name is Valerie, I’m 45+ always wanted to get into modeling since I was a younger age, I get lots if compliments about my eyes, dimples and smile.I have a great/positive personality. I would appreciate it kindly, if you can give me any information on becoming a face/fashion model?

    Thank you; Valerie

  14. I’ve always wanted to be a model, but I never got the chance to. I had to drop out of high school, because I had a child who couldn’t walk. And then other things that happen so now I’m just a full time housewife. 52 years young and this is my life.

  15. I’M 5`4 I weigh 130#
    I have two kids that are 24 & 22 yrs old.My dream is to become a face model or a fashion model…I been trying to find out where do I start and im lost because this I what I want to do

  16. I am very interested in becoming a model for clothing only…..I am 5 6 weight 150…very tall and beautiful…beautiful smile…very attractive….I’m also a very fun loving person and I love all the attention…I’m also hispanic born and raised in Tucson Az….I’ve lived in Phoenix since I was 12 years old….I’m also bilinqual.

  17. I would love to begin to do photo shoots or model…every day I get some telling me this..How can I begin this process..

    I truly appreciate your input

    Thank you Ana

  18. Hi my name is debbie I am 48 very young looking so everyone keeps telling me would love to start a new career in modeling.

  19. I’m seeking a modeling career at the age of 46. modeling was always my dream and now I want to pursue it.

  20. Hello, My name is Sharon and I want to start a modeling career. Can you get me some advice on how to do that?

  21. hello AM 45 but dont look my age been told many times i look like nicole kidman .

    I keep myself fit buy weight training and walking my dogs for a hr each day

    Am 5=4 size10 33hips

    would like to model but dont know where to send photos to or is it better in person to see them has i think its great to meet in real life ? help

    1. Hi Maria, Getting the chance to model at any age is difficult but at 45 it is even more so. Be careful of people that want to take your money and charge you for special photos or to be your agent. You don’t need anything but a simple photo of yourself in your everyday make up. True modeling agents can see from a simple photo and meeting you in person if they want to hire you or not. You sound beautiful, we wish you luck in your dream. A good good to read is on our website…How to start Modeling for Under $20.00 by Judy Goss. It’s a must read for anyone who wants to know how to move froward to try to fulfill their dream.

  22. Im in my 40’s.I. did a few modeling jobs in my tweenties.I had family commitment. Children husband, I let my dream go.I even went to patricia ray modoling school as a teenager.I would love to do modoling again.iv’e called places but they all say I’m too old.what??? Andrea is beautiful and if she has the guts to do it after 40 why can’t I ? I do not look my age.I’m fit active and probably have more energy than a tweenty year old. Where do I go to find modols over forty,who want assignments?? Nicole

  23. Good news for me. I am late 20s approaching 30 and I thought my ”pretty days” were coming to a nasty end. So much bull in society about women’s looks ”fading” after 25. Makes me SO SAD. kudos to all those who remain beautiful into middle age and beyond!

  24. my name is alison, im 46 blonde always happy, but would so love to do some modeling work before i get to old.
    I love the camera and im not shy infront of it either,
    I would love to here from you


  25. Hi I’m 46 and I’ve been refused in off licence and some night clubs because the way I look. I have 2 sons (men in my life) when me and my sons go out together, people would thinkthat we are boyfriend and girlfriend. Also when my son shout out “mummy”everyone would stare at me and say no way.

  26. Hello My name is Cindy Lee, I am 40 + I love modeling !! Was going to go into the business when i was 17, but I had my first daughter, and mother hood took over. However I find myself wanting to pursue my dreams. I fill it, I love it, modeling makes me fill beautiful, i love runway and print. I am also a actress love drama & action, I am with IMDb and Linkedin, also explore talent by the way they have landed me 2 feature films and one short film in a year.
    I have modeled swim wear for Wilihmena also modeled wedding gowns for bridal shows and I have a shoot coming up in London this coming September modeling Asian wedding gowns. I have designer friends in New york, London and Bagdad, even California where I am from. I want to put myself out there. Not getting older just getting beter, you can log onto exploretalent and view my website under cindy412194 or just go to IMDb and will find many photos there as well. Hope to hear from you, I am so ready, even considering starting my own runway business

  27. Being a model after 40 sounds too good to be true. Any qualification? I am very petite ,only 5’3″ with 100 LB. Can I still be a model as a mature woman?

    1. Hi Lei,
      There is a great book out by my friend Judy Goss, a formor Ford Model, How to get into modeling for under $20.00. The main message is that you should NEVER PAY anyone to let you model. You don’t need fancy pictures to get a job and more…. anyone can model if you have the looks , you just have to make sure you do it with legitimate organizations.

  28. Hi I’m 43 years old I look young for my age in would like to know about becoming a model I was telling my daughter I would like to be a model she said to me mom go for it that I look very nice for my age in would to find out where I can start

  29. Hello Everyone.I’m new on this site!!, VIVA !! BRAVO!! The fabulous women over passion for beauty was rooted in my heart since I was a small girl…Beauty is an anrt and beauty is my passion!!!, Later my passion became my business helping women and men keep their youthful looks…It is very possible to slow down the aging process with proper internal and external de-aging treatments….I just love the word anti-aging..LOL..I’m 52 years old and I do my best to represent the beauty of women over 40…50..
    The pictures on my website represents myself…Ladies, have a lovely, fantastic and blessed day!!!….

  30. Sound great to start modeling late…. well without any lies, I am 40years, I have 2 children and I look realy young. So where and what is the name of this agency? :)

    1. HI Michelle,
      There seems like the over 40 modeling agencies are popping up all over. Also, More Magazine runs a competition every year and you have to be able to prove that you are at least 40 to enter! However, beware of scams. You should never have to pay anyone to sign you to a modeling contract. There is a small fee to enter the More contest (around $20.00) but we know that it is a legit contest. One more tip… you do not have to have expensive professional photos taken. Modeling agencies only need to see a few candid shots that you can have a friend take of you with minimum makeup. Don’t fall for those scams out there that charge you money for expensive photos or promise you easy fame and fortune! I wish you luck!

  31. Hi , I am interested in becomming a model .

    I am 39 yrs old and I am beautiful inide and out .

    Please let me know if you have any advice or direction .

    Thank you ,

    Ivy Lee

    1. Hi Virginia,
      I don’t have a reccomendation for you, but you might want to go google, Judy Goss, the author of “How to Break Into Modeling for Under $20.00” and ask her on her facebook page.She is lives in NYC and would know the answer for you. Good luck!

  32. If you work hard you will see results. I have been working hard to look and stay young for years. I am not perfect. Eat wrong things at times. The key is not being on a diet or being obsessed. The key is balance and making it a lifestyle. So I wonder if soooo many women that are 40 and older like myself work so hard we should have more opportunities to be photographed and model. My motto is it is a lot easier looking good in your teens, 20’s and 30’s. Try keeping it all together after 40…….Hope that we don’t give up………

  33. Women, we get older…..we have to work harder……we remember what it was like when we were younger…..we try to keep everything in and together. Men often look better as they age. Women want to feel they look better also. So we work out, try to eat right, but often the stresses of daily life, kids, families, divorce, finances, you name it take a toll. Women over 40 should be pursued more for modeling, not everyone is 25 and we want to feel beautiful and sexy even if we are older. Beauty is within and also what we make of it on the exterior. I work hard and have for years, but it still cannot erase lines……More women over 40 should be photographed we are a big part of the population and we are also more at ease in our own skin. By 40 if you don’t know who you are or where you are going……then look into the eyes of other women to see where they can take you and how they can help you. Would love to see the real deal at 40 plus……

  34. Would love to also see more older women featured in modeling. Wanted to point out that the RED MODEL MANAGEMENT agency in NYC actually closed it’s over 40 division. There are not enough older women being represented today. We will not give up, however. We will show the largest demographic out there what they want to see. OLDER MODELS ! Thanks for encouraging all the hopefuls out there!

  35. I forgot to add, I wish they would feature more 40something models, I’m so tired of looking at 14-year-old girls made up to appear older, marketing expensive designer clothing to 30+ and over women. Where is the real representation, instead of the blatant fraud these magazines perpetrate on their women readers by using teenagers for cosmetic ads, apparel, etc?

    1. Hi Budget Chic,
      I’m with you on your comment. I have absolutely NO place to find photos of women over 40 for our articles. There is a huge hole out there ready to be filled!

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