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Mother-Daughter Style By Way of Berlin

Blogging is fun, but it’s even more fun when you get to blog with your daughter. Just ask Britta Higgins.


Britta is the mom half of the mother- daughter duo behind the popular lifestyle blog, By Way of Berlin.

For the last year the 58- year- old fashionista and her 23-year old daughter, Nina have been inspiring readers with their sophisticated, polished style.

I recently had a chance to chat with Britta about her style and her unique partnership. Here’s my interview with this Fabulous After 40 Styleblazer.

Deborah BolandBritta and DaughterDeb: What or who inspired you to start a mother/daughter fashion blog?

Britta:  When I returned to Scottsdale, Arizona after living in Santa Fe, I found myself looking for a creative outlet. But I wanted something more than a hobby- I wanted to challenge myself.

Sharing these thoughts with Nina, my daughter, we realized that we could use our mutual love of fashion to start a business together. Nina had already ran a blog for several years and suggested that we collaborate and create a new mother/daughter blog. After several months of planning, we launched By Way of Berlin in November 2014.


Deb: How does your European background influence your style?

Britta: Being born in Germany, having family there, and spending a great deal of time in Europe created the perfect backdrop for my personal style. Theres a sophistication that I love which I try to incorporate into my daily style.

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Deb: How would you describe your style? How is it different from or similar to your daughter’s?

Britta: I’d say my style is classicin the sense that I look best in simple, timeless pieces. I love a great structured handbag and can never resist a pair of pointed flats. That being said, I do love adding a little bit of edginessto my look with tougher pieces like a leather jacket. Ninas style differs in that shes younger and taller meaning she can wear many of the trendier pieces.


Deb: Do you and your daughter ever share clothes? If so, which ones?

Britta: No, we dont share clothes because we both have different styles and shes quite a bit taller than me. But I have been known to borrow a bag from her amazing collection. Nina loves some of my jewelry and I have found that several pieces have relocated to her place.


Deb: What have you taught your daughter about personal style? What has she taught you?

Britta: I have to say that Nina has mostly taught me about style- she was born with it. Shes always loved fashion and has an eye for putting outfits together. If I see something I like, shell immediately know what to pair it with to create a great outfit.


Deb: You love dressing up. Many 40+ women struggle when it comes to formal occasions. What is your approach to choosing an outfit for a special occasion? What are some of your favorite pieces that you turn to time and time again?

Britta: Yes, I do love dressing up. Ive found the key for looking great at a more formal event is to give yourself enough time to shop for an outfit or dress. Last minute shopping is stressful and takes away the fun of dressing up. I also like to stick to simple silhouettes. If I want something more bold, Ill add that in with color, not cut. Again, youll never regret sticking with a more conservative piece. Id also suggest splurging on getting your hair and makeup done professionally to finish off the look. It really adds that extra polish and will ensure youll look your best.



Deb: Current Style crushes – trends you are loving right now. Trends you know are not for you?

Britta: Over the knee boots are a new favorite and surprisingly flattering no matter your height or size. Im also enjoying the beautiful selection of suede handbags that seem to be having a moment. They look gorgeous and are very on-trend.


Deb: We all have fashion challenges. What is you fashion challenge and how you work around it?

Britta: Im not as tall as Id like to be so certain pieces overwhelm my frame making me look even shorter. I stay away from bulky knits and long flowing skirts, favoring skinny jeans and more tailored pieces. The result is lengthening and slimming.


Deb: You incorporate the color black into many of your outfits. Have you always loved black? What’s your approach to color in general?

Britta: Yes! Black is very complimentary to both my skin tone and hair color and I find it to be effortless and chic. Its an excellent choice for both the everyday and travel. Sometimes neutrals get a bad rap but black will always prove to be an enduring factor in any stylish wardrobe.

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Deb: Scottsdale is HOT! How do you vary and mix up your wardrobe in such a warm climate? How do you incorporate current trends (leather jackets, ribbed knit sweaters, fur vests) into your outfits in a climate-appropriate manner?

Britta: We embrace light layers and stick to simple pieces during the hotter months. Its not worth wearing a trendy piece if youre going to be miserable. If theres a trend that I do like, I try to find a lighter version. Instead of a fur coat, Ill try a fur vest. It gives the look but without the added warmth. It can definitely be discouraging at times but when January rolls around and were enjoying beautiful weather, its not so bad.


Deb: There’s a lot of talk amongst 40+ bloggers about age appropriateness, and if there really is such a thing anymore? What are your thoughts on all of this?

Britta: My personal motto is less is more. If Im wearing something thats shorter, Ill make sure that Im more covered up on top. Its all about balance. Pick one area to show off- it keeps a little mystery.



Deb: You have a fabulous figure. What kind of diet/exercise routine do you follow to keep in such good shape?

Britta: Thank you! At our age, with hormonal changes, health issues, and lifestyle choices (yes, those glasses of wine do catch up with us!) its important to make yourself a priority. Eating healthily the majority of the time with daily exercise has helped me tremendously. Beachbody home workouts are among my favorites because you can do them without leaving the house!


Deb: Complete this sentence. The secret to great style is ________________.

Britta: Knowing and embracing one’s style- it exudes confidence.

Deb: Thank you so much, Britta, for sharing your refined style with us. You are Fabulous!! Ladies, be sure to visit Britta at  By Way of Berlin.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this article about Brita.
    What an inspiration!
    Britta: You do have an amazing figure but it is your youthfulness and vitality that shines though. At first glance, you look like a 30 year old. You’ve discovered the secret of looking ageless effortlessly – not an easy look to achieve! What an amazing example.

    1. Hi Martina!
      Thank you very much for your kind remarks! It’s lovely to hear and interesting that you are able to see my vitality in the photos. I look forward to sharing more of our adventures with you. xx B

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