Oscar Fashionistas Over 40

Who says the red carpet is for young Hollywood starlets? At this year’s Academy Awards we saw plenty of glamorous midlife nominees who were dressed to kill. Here’s a look at some of the best dressed Oscar Fashionistas over 40 and 50!

The Most Talked About Dress

Glen Close has never won an Oscar and looked pretty sure she was going to this year when she showed up wearing a dazzling gold dress with a long regal train.  Her dress was most of the most photographed and commented on because it made her look like a walking Oscar statue.

Sadly Close lost out, and this dress did too. It was so perfect for a win but ended up being a sorry reminder that life is not always fair.

An Original Dress

Olivia Coleman (The Favorite) was the woman who beat Actress Glen Close (The Wife) in the Best Actress race. She wore an interesting dark green dress with gray chiffon wrap across the bust. It was nice, but I admit I was disappointed with the color. That dull green seems sad and dull, not the type of thing I’d pick out for her to wear to this event. I also wasn’t a fan of the high collar. I can’t say this dress inspired me.

Still, she looked classy and pretty, and Olivia’s glorious smile lit up the stage.

My Favorite Dress

When in Hollywood, dress like Hollywood, I would say Angela Bassett did just that. This stunning pink gown with the dramatic bow is what makes watching the stars glide down the red carpet so much fun. This dress reminds me of the one Nicole Kidman wore many years ago but in red. It also had a giant bow, but hers was tied at the neck.

This gown is pure glamour and looks stunning with Angela’s coloring. Her hair looks fantastic, and those big drop earrings are fantastic. Note she didn’t need any necklace with this dress. It would have taken away from the fabulous neckline and ruined the look.

Who was your favorite over 40, or over 50 fashionista at the Academy Awards this year?

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  1. Hi Deb. Loved your review of the Oscars! I love how I can be on the other side of the world from the Oscars and get such great insights from you and also some fantastic local gals at
    Keep it coming! I feel very inspired by how the right dress can really make all the difference. Jen

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