Flattering Pants That Hide Your Midlife Tummy

When you look at this pair of pants where does your eye go?

pants over 40





Avoid Pants with Waist Detail

The tummy bow on the pants add bulk and draw the eye to the tummy. Naturally these models don’t have an ounce of fat. But if you are a real woman over 40 you’re bound to have some midlife bulge at your stomach and the details on these garments are going to draw the eye right to your trouble spot!  flatfront pants over 40So here’s what you do if you have a big tummy and don’t want people to look at it.

Don’t emphasize it with belts,buckles, bows, pleats, pockets etc in that area.

Instead, wear flat front pants with wider waistbands to hold the tummy in and no detail.

If you Tuck Out

If you tuck out wear a long top like this that gently flows over your tummy to cover up your jelly belly.

If you want to have a focal point make it up by your face by wearing a top with a pretty neckline or some jewelry or some embellishment on the top up high.

This way you are playing up where you want them to look ( your face) and downplaying where you don’t want them to look ( your men-o-pot).

tops for over 40tops pver 40

Great Trick!

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7 thoughts on “Flattering Pants That Hide Your Midlife Tummy

  1. Isn’t this about hiding your TUMMY at midlife? where are the models who actually have a tummy and are in Midlife! Its really frustrating that this is how its always done. Even when Advertising plus sizes……the models are skinny ………….. Not that I am plus size, But I am Midlife with a belly that showed up all of a sudden……..I would like to see the clothes on Models that I can relate to.

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