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Polished Style for Modern Moms!

There’s more than Yoga pants after kids! That’s the message Iva Grbesic has for moms out there.


Iva is the creator of  Iva Grbesic – a blog she started to help her mom friends find their style as they struggled to dress their bodies after children.

On the blog the 40- year-old  Toronto fashionista showcases her latest outfits and writes about new fashion and beauty products to help moms look their best.  Readers love Iva’s fresh, classic style that is perfect for modern moms who want to look polished and pretty.

I got a chance to chat with Iva recently about her style and find out more about this Fabulous After 40 Styleblazer. 


Deborah BolandDeb: Iva, How would you describe your style?

Iva: I love classic silhouettes with hits of trends. Trends are fun but they need to fit my body, and that is where lots of women struggle. You need to figure out what trends are for you and which ones are not.


Deb: You look tall. Is that an advantage or disadvantage?

Iva: I am tall, just a smidge under six feet. My biggest challenge is finding clothes that fit my tall frame. I often hear that models are tall and it must be easy. I am taller than most models and clothes in stores are made for women who are 5 foot 4 inches. You see my dilemma?


Deb: You say fashion magazines are filled with “clothes you covet but cannot afford”.  Where do you go to find real-life inspiration and where do you shop?

Iva:  I am not going to fashion magazines for style influence but Pinterest. Once I find my style inspiration, I shop everywhere. Lately, I head to my favorite mall, Yorkdale in Toronto,  ( they have all the major brands) and try to find the pieces that will create that perfect look.


Deb:  Any advice for moms who are struggling to find their fashion groove after having a baby?

Iva: Most women struggle because they are holding on to the body they had before baby, and I was one of those women. Our bodies change and if we want to look our best we need to embrace that change and dress that body. We have given life to the next generation. This is something we should celebrate by looking our best not lamenting on what has passed but celebrating what’s to come.


Deb: In many of your blog photos, you are wearing some type of jacket (sleeveless vest, trench, blazer, etc.) How do they fit into your wardrobe?

Iva: I have lots of blazers and other toppers and wear them weekly. I find that if I want to finish any look, especially a casual one that a topper, especially a blazer is key. A t-shirt and jeans can be taken and elevated with the perfect blazer.


Deb: You love the color red, but I don’t see you wearing a lot of red clothing. Why not?

Iva: While I love red, I wear it in small doses. Red lips are my go to since I was 17. Red clothing is done sparingly and for maximum effect – a red dress, red blazer or red shoes. Blue is the color I wear most – navy and cobalt. Navy because it is a perfect neutral and cobalt because it is universally flattering.


Deb: You recently turned 40. Did this birthday have any impact on the way you think about your style?

Iva: All style evolves because we evolve, and so does clothing. While turning 40 is a pretty big milestone I never thought of how it would affect my style because it has evolved as I have aged and entered different stages of my life. I will continue to dress in classic pieces, but I have no clue on where my style will end up because I will embrace change. Change keeps us on our toes.


Deb: Do you have a favorite work outfit? Casual/weekend outfit?

Iva: I love dresses especially during the summer months, but I don’t have a favorite one. I am fickle that way.


Deb: Favorite trends right now you’ve been wearing?

Iva: I love all the off the shoulder dresses and tops. I have the perfect maxi off the shoulder dress I can’t wait to wear in Croatia.


Deb: Do you take many fashion risks? What is the biggest risk you ever took? 

Iva: I don’t take as many style risks as I did when I was younger because I know what works on my 40-year-old body. My biggest risk lately was wearing a crop top. I wasn’t showing lots of skin, just a hint, but it scared me. I have had four children and showing off my midsection takes all the courage I can muster. It still looked classic, and I learned that I could still pull it off, but only in the most conservative way!


Deb: Last summer, you decided to cut 4 inches off your hair. Many women struggle with whether to have long or short hair over 40. What made you decide to go shorter?

Iva: My hair grows quickly and cutting my hair is liberating. I do it when I am bored with everything else. It grows back pretty quickly, and I get to style it straight or curly. I don’t regret my choices; it’s only hair. I didn’t cut my hair because I hit 40 and felt I had to have shorter hair. If you have beautiful healthy hair keep it long but please do something besides just putting it in a ponytail or styling it like you did when you were a teenager because that ages you. Hair is one thing that needs to change with the times.


Deb: One thing you have learned about style from blogging you’d like to pass onto readers?

Iva: Don’t give up on yourself just because you age or have children or life takes an unexpected turn. It’s not vain to spend time on yourself and let the best version of you shine. I would never allow my daughter to give up on herself, why should I give up on me?

Deb:  Thanks so much Iva for sharing your polished style with us. You are Fabulous!! Ladies, be sure to visit Iva at her blog, Falling In Style.

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2 thoughts on “Polished Style for Modern Moms!

  1. Hi. Love all of the outfits on Iva. But I especially like the neutral wrap top and linen look light cropped pants. I like color but this outfit looks soothing and cool and flattering. I am 5′ 4″ and wonder if I could pull off that look.

    1. Hi Vanessa,
      I think you could pull off culottes just depends on their length. Try a petite version if the regular version is too long.


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