Quirky Tassel Neckline Top from Kate Spade

Do you wear Kate Spade? I seem to have a thing for it lately.  Last week I showed you my fun, new Kate Spade Peacock tee. Now here’s a look at another Kate Spade top I bought that’s also kind of quirky.

coral fringe top 1

You’ve probably noticed that fringe, tassels, and pompoms have been trendy lately. I’ve seen them used on bags, shoes, on hemlines of tops and dresses,  but this is the first time I’ve seen tassels used around a neckline. Very clever Kate Spade!


Fashion should be fun, so when I was trying to decide whether to buy this, I thought, What the heck, it’s different- time to try something new.

Now, normally I don’t buy Kate Spade clothes. I love their accessories; their jewelry is fabulous, and the bags and shoes are great too! But generally, I find their clothes a bit too little girly for me, even though I always love to go in and look at all the jaw-dropping colors and whimsical styles.

I don’t know if I just got lucky this time or what, but it just goes to show you that you should always keep an open mind because you can sometimes find adorable pieces in places you thought you might never have.

I’ve nicknamed this cute Kate Spade Top my Lion top because all those tassels around the neck make me feel like I have a mane. I am Leo, after all, so I guess it’s really quite appropriate. (LOL!)

coral fringe top 4

The Paprika color is divine, but this silky blend sweater also comes in a stunning cobalt blue.

The thing with this top is that I would always wear it with something very sleek and tailored. If I wore this top with a big full skirt, lots of layers, or loose pants, I think I would look like a circus clown.

It’s a fine line when you are wearing something a little quirky like this, at least for me. I’m not one for an over-the-top quirky look. I like clean lines, classic shapes, and just a small twist in the way of interesting detail, like this neckline.

It’s hard to see my gold pave earrings here, but they are Kate Spade too, and I LOVE THEM! They are classic but modern, and they go with everything. Check them out in the shop in the post below.

My quilted bag is by Michael Kors- I just got it too. It is soft and super light, which is great considering it has a gold chain, and chain purses are usually heavy. This bag looks very expensive in person, like a Chanel or Dior, but it’s not. I’m very impressed with it. You can wear it over your shoulder like this ( double chain) or as a crossbody ( single chain).

Finally, I just wanted to mention my Blush-colored suede sandals. They are from a Canadian brand Wishbone Collection at Browns, but there are many other great suedes slides out there, too.

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5 thoughts on “Quirky Tassel Neckline Top from Kate Spade

  1. I love all the tops with the tassels, but I haven’t purchased one because I am concerned about how the tassels will look after washing. I have had tops in the past that had a tassel on the end of a string where the top tied at the neck, and it usually either broke off or just looked all matted up after washing. How do you clean this and keep the tassel nice?

    1. Hi Kara, I know what you mean. I have wrecked a top with tassels because I threw it into the wash. This particular top I’m wearing in the post is a knit that is dry clean only. However, I did some research, and many people recommend tying a hair elastic a few times around each tassel to prevent it from ruining in the wash. So easy! I would add that you should avoid the dryer because that is where tassels get worn and ratty. The heat destroys them. I hope that helps!
      Here is a good article that explains what I am talking about:

  2. Good Morning Deborah, Can you suggest a store to purchase Bermuda-style shorts that hit just slightly above the knee? SEvery pair of Bermudas I have looked at seems to punch way above the knee!
    Thanks for your suggestions!

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