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Scarf Styling Ideas from Over 40 Bloggers

Want to add a dash of style? A fabulous scarf is all you need to take your outfit from average to awesome. Here’s how these 40+ Instagrammers use scarves to wrap up a great look!


Lisa, 55, an Atlanta stylist and makeup artist, unites the color of her hair and jeans by adding a beautiful silver scarf in the middle.


This Style Instagrammer refuses to let her 50s define her looks long and lean in a trendy long scarf.


Ella from Germany bundles up in a cozy blush scarf with homemade charm.


Margarita adds a dash of personality to a taupe vest with this gorgeous cowboy scarf.


A windowpane scarf adds a luxurious touch to Munich blogger Conny’s pretty fur-trimmed sweater.


Carmen, a Spanish Instagrammer, liven up an army puffer coat with a vibrant scarf that adds a beautiful shot of color to this outfit.


Nora from Los Angeles gives her outfit a western vibe, with this super fringed scarf and a good old pair of jeans. Don’t miss more of Nora’s wonderful style in this Styleblazer feature.


Miriam from the Netherlands looks ultra chic in a classy mocha scarf worn side by side with a fur neck wrap.



Southern California blogger Tamera is artsy and expressive, and scarves are a big part of creating her eclectic look. Find out more about this Fabulous After 40 Styleblazer here.



Styleblazer Helen from Arizona looks casual and comfy in a colorful plaid scarf and a fab hat.


Annette, from Germany, softens up a tough leather jacket with a gorgeous gray scarf that is understated and elegant.


An artistic tie-dye scarf adds pattern and texture to this simple knit dress.


Plaid scarves are classic and always look rich, especially when Margarita has styled her with this classy camel coat.

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6 thoughts on “Scarf Styling Ideas from Over 40 Bloggers

  1. I am large chested and love scarves. I like long oblong scarves and wear them knotted low like a lariat necklace. Sometimes I just tie a knot in each end and fit the scarf under the collar and lapels of ny balzer. It gives a shot of colour and a vertical line to the outfit.

    I travel to China often for work and can access lovely silk scarves for much less than they cost here. I have also been known to spring for the odd Hermes scarf in the duty free shop in the Hong Kong airport, too. Much cheaper than here at home.

    I am not so good at figuring out how to wear a square scarf, other than a small square which I might knot at the neck ala 1950’s. I don’t even wear the small ones that often.

    Recently, I bought a very large pendant which is intended for a scarf or ribbons to slide through. I think of it as a more modern take on a “scarf ring”. It is a great idea and I love the look with many of my oblong scarves.

    I used to have a book on how to tie scarves. Like an idiot, I gave it away when we moved. Maybe I’ll see if I can find a copy in a used book store.

  2. I love these scarves! But I am not the least bit a fashionista and have no idea how to wear a scarf. Also, I am rather large chested, can I get away with wearing a scarf? I have one and have worn it twice. Everyone said it looked nice but I felt as though I looked too top heavy.
    Can you give us some photos of different ways of wearing a scarf?

    1. Hi Lisa,
      I sure will! If you are top heavy then the best way to wear a scarf is just let it hang long… or tie it loosely and let it hang long. The idea is to create long lines.
      Scarves are wonderful and can add color to an otherwise blah outfit!

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