How Scarves Stretch Your Wardrobe Budget

When you haven’t got a lot to spend, but your wardrobe needs a little jazzing up, then one of the best things you can put your hard-earned dollar towards is a beautiful scarf. Cozy Fall scarves are an inexpensive way to freshen up an old outfit. Here are 3 ways scarves can stretch your wardrobe budget.scarves-orange-plaid

1.  Scarves Add Color 

Dressing head to toe in a dark color can be chic, but it can also be a bit drab, so if you have a lot of dark colors in your wardrobe, perk things up with a gorgeous scarf in stunning color.  The right scarf is the perfect shade for your skin, eyes, and hair will make you glow. It also takes the focus off other parts of your body and puts it where it should be, on your pretty face.

scarves-green-fringe2.   Scarves Add Texture and Dimension

Sometimes all an outfit needs to perk it up and make it look more interesting is a little texture, and a scarf is perfect for that. This spruce green, ribbed infinity scarf with its funky fringe is a little rustic and playful. The fun fringe adds movement creating a casual, laid feel.scarves-blue-plaid

3.   Scarves Help Transition Outfits

A scarf is the perfect layering piece and helps move a summer outfit into fall. See how a simple blue plaid scarf + suede booties give a cozy touch to jeans and a white t-shirt as it moves into Autumn?

Finally, the biggest question is, how do you tie your scarf? There have to be 101+ ways, but here’s a video I found that shows one of my favorite ways to tie a scarf.  Tie one on!

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7 thoughts on “How Scarves Stretch Your Wardrobe Budget

  1. Oh, thanks so much. What a great video would also love to see one with a small scarf and see what can be done …

  2. Since this thread hadn’t been commented on in a while, I sent you an email with pictures today and asked the same question about whether or not you thought it accentuated my neck issues…thanks for keeping up with this thread and answering so promptly! I guess I will wear a scarf BECAUSE I have neck issues! LOL

    The other question I asked in my email concerns earrings and scarves. I tend to go with smaller earrings, so I don’t have so much stuff around my face when I’m wearing a scarf to balance the look…what guidelines do you use to choose earrings with a scarf?

    BTW…I LOVE the bandana idea….my local craft store has a whole aisle of those. I’m going to look for some cute prints…fun, fun! JoJami looks so cute!

    1. Hi Diana, Yes, a scarf can hide neck issues and bring an outfit’s softness, color, and vibrancy! We encourage you to try them! Your question about earrings is a good one. That can depend on your hairstyle and personal style and how dressy you want to go. Now that you know this fashion trend keep looking for women at work or around town wearing scarves. See if you like what you see on what type of earrings they wear. We did a post the other day with a gal we met at the mall, and she had on long dangling earnings with her sharp outfit (leather skirt and tight black top). But that might not be your look…small earrings will look great too!

  3. I love the RENEWED scarf trend. It seems they never really go out; just come back in again, all the better! I love that it’s a great, inexpensive way to change the look of an outfit (so great for travel!) and that my daughters, 16 and 22, and I (54!) can all wear them!

    I mostly have longer scarves, but I love the look of the smaller, square scarf you show in the photo (and I have seen some chic gals wearing!). I know they can be trickier, as you tell us, but is there a video you could show us like the one you did for longer scarves? I think it’s a great lightweight option when you don’t need the warmth, hides any “neck issues,” and looks chic and fabulous—got one to share?

  4. I am just beginning to discover adding scarves to my wardrobe and am collecting quite a few, but I never even dreamed there were so many things to do with one! What a great video!

    Alas, the model is so young and beautiful. :) I am 53, and my jawline and neck are not what they used to be. :( Sometimes, I feel a scarf around my neck accentuates my middle-age sagging jowls issue and that it’s better not to have the bulk of the scarf so close to my face. Does it hide or draw attention to flaws…..thoughts?

    1. Hi Dianna,
      Scarves can hide neck flaws…depending on how you tie them up. However, because you are only 53, we are sure your neck is not as bad as you think! Women in Europe wear scarves their entire lives…beautifully! Go for it, Dianna, and have some fun!!! You will get compliments on your scarves!!

  5. What a fabulous way to show quickly all the different effects of how to tie a scarf! It is so interesting how you can radically transform your look from classic to hip to modern by simply connecting a scarf in different ways. I love how we tie scarves to reflect different cultures (European/American/Asian). It’s also interesting how scarves like necklaces can frame the face!

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