Seasonal Make-Up Trends for Women Over 40

Do you feel compelled to update your make-up wardrobe every season? Do you fall into the trap of spending hundreds of dollars on the latest makeup to feel “on trend?”

fall make up trendsGuest Expert Beke Beau says You may be throwing away good money for products that won’t accomplish what you hoped they would, that is, to make you look better.

The busy bees who work for the likes of Estee Lauder, L’Oreal, and other mega-brands that you know and love to do seasonal campaigns to draw you to their offerings.

Each season, they offer a coordinated palette of colors and textures that they want you to assume will work on anyone.  While aging skin and basic color theory prove otherwise, you are still left with piles of products that aren’t right for you.

After 40, your skin changes, and the makeup you should be wearing changes. For example, Eye shadows with too much shimmer only highlight the crepe-like texture that would otherwise be minimized with more matte shades. 


Lipstick shadesSimilarly, frost in a lip color will make the vertical lines in your less than plump lips stand out.  Better to go with cream formulas.   Seasonal make-up collections don’t take skin condition into account, and most of what you’ll see displayed, particularly in shadows, are shimmers and frosts.

More important is the issue of color choice.  To make their makeup counter displays more enticing, brands add bright, sparkling colors, particularly as part of a palette. You might be intrigued and then drawn to a vibrant purple or blue or acid green. But does a color that looks great on a wall or as a vase belong in your eyes?  Probably not.

What About Seasonal Make-up Trends?

So if it’s not in your best interest to succumb to seasonal make-up trends, then what do you do?

  • Start with an essential, working selection of matte eye shadows, e.g., a pale base shade with some corrective properties
  • Try a medium and a dark-toned neutral with the right undertone for your eye color
  • Use a long-lasting black or dark brown eyeliner
  • Your blush can be a bright rose, coral, or pink
  •  Keep your lips soft too, with the same color as your blush

However, if it will make you joyful to try a trend that you’ve read about in a beauty magazine, shop smart.  Avoid spending a fortune on entire “looks.”  Pick one or two products to play with; you can, for example, smudge that sparkly teal eye pencil into your black or brown liner for a bit more dimension, or try a light wash of that “must-have” indigo shimmer over your matte base to add depth.   And if the products end up looking silly (highly likely), you’ve still had some fun without breaking the beauty bank.

Beke Beau is a celebrity make-up artist you will want to check out at

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