Shirtdresses – The Solution for Shoulders That Slump

Dear Deborah,

The older I get, the more my shoulders and back of my neck slump. I like to dress casually, but I have a hard time figuring out what to wear on top that looks relaxed but gives me some shape.

Do you have any suggestions besides a short fitted blazer? Thanks, Laurel

Hi Laurel,
Slumping shoulders are common as we age, but you still need to talk to your doctor about it to be sure it is not a more serious problem. I understand that you are tired of cropped jackets. What about a collared shirt dress?

shirt dress with leggings
Shirt dresses with leggings

They’re quite casual, and they give you that needed shoulder definition. You’ve got a couple of options here.

Wear a Shirt Dress as a Top 

You can wear a shirtdress on its own as a dress, but the problem is that many are very short. So, if you find a shirt dress you like and it’s too short, then you can wear it with tapered pants or leggings. Shirt dresses make excellent tops for leggings.

Change out the Belt

Many times a shirt dress will come with a soft tie self-belt. This can sometimes make it look frumpy, so I suggest you add your own belt. Choose something exciting to wake up a plaid shirtdress. It could be a loose belt like the one I’m wearing or a belt that cinches at the waist.

Just be sure that when you belt it, the shirtdress does not become too short!  If your shirtdress suddenly ends at your hips, it will look more like a short top and will throw off the look.

So Laurel, try a shirtdress. Not only will it solve your slumping shoulder problem, but it will make you look casually chic in leggings too.

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  1. I have a red shirt dress that I wear with a brown belt and shoes. What color leggings should I wear with it? Thanks for your help.

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