Should I Bare My Saggy Arms in a One Shoulder Dress?

Hi Deborah ,

I’m going to a wedding. Is a black one shoulder dress appropriate for a 50+ woman?  I  don’t know if I should buy yet another item I might look ridiculous wearing. 

I know, I know, we should embrace our bodies, but I don’t enjoy looking at my bulges, cellulite and crepey arm skin. I’ve seen the crepe even on the skinniest and fit older arms. If you can  bare arms and not feel bad about it- more power to you, but I’m afraid to go there. My friend’s daughter calls the extra weight on the arms–Puddin Bags- as if the problem isn’t bad enough.

Thanks for any help, Anne.

one shoulder dresses

Hi Anne,

one shoulder top or dress   is a great choice for a wedding or special event.  I think a lot of women worry too much about their arms. Naturally your arms aren’t going to be as buff as they used to be after a certain age, but that doesn’t mean you have to hide them. The one shoulder is a great way to bare some skin and look sexy, while still remaining elegant.

In fact since the one shoulder puts the emphasis on the shoulder it actually draws attention away from the arms more than you would think.

metallic one shoulder dress
My reader Jeri is a great example of how you can look fab in a one shoulder dress.

Take a look at this photo my reader Jeri sent in. She looks stunning in her one shoulder dress, and there are lots of gals 40, 50 and beyond out there who will too!  Try one on and see how you feel.



The one shoulder is also a very popular choice for a mother of the bride or mother of the groom too. Here are some beautiful one shoulder dresses long and cocktail length, that would work really well for a wedding.


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5 thoughts on “Should I Bare My Saggy Arms in a One Shoulder Dress?

  1. If you are asking if you can wear a one shoulder dress, you probably already intrinsically know the right answer for yourself. I’m 66 and trim but my triceps are flabby and biceps creppy. I vascilate between saying oh the heck with it, I’m going to be confident and rock this dress and looking in the mirror and admitting that the ship of going sleeveless has sailed and I need to just deal with it! I have no right answer here for you -I’m just baring my soul (not my arms!) Good luck. P.S) A good tan helps but then that ages the skin as well so there ya go!

  2. It’s been my experience that people’s arms aren’t nearly as horrid as they imagine. Most women over 40 and over 40 have “flabby arms” if we are to use Michelle Obama as our standard bearer. Personally, I don’t measure myself against her. Sure, my arms are not very taught but nor are they curtains that flap in the wind, nor are they hideously misshapen, nor are they horribly blemished. I go sleeveless frequently without fear, but I don’t do a lot of waving! I have an off the shoulder dress and a halter maxi dress and they look great, if I do say so. I have the good fortune of broad shoulders and very prominent collar bones, which probably helps. I notice a lot of women of all ages have arms that are just fine and they are measuring themselves against ridiculously fit and / or thin women. Your arms aren’t the terrible, ladies!

  3. I think baring a shoulder over 40 will be a very individual choice. It won’t flatter everyone, but shouldn’t be ruled out till one tries it on! Jeri is a lovely, fit-looking 40-something and it is very becoming!

  4. Im 44 and my arms are flabby. It doesn’t bother me bearing them other than I’m afraid it will bother other people. ShouldI even be worried about it? Is there a forum anywhere that we can submit photos and get peoples feedback on things like “just how flabby are my arms?” :-D

  5. I love Jeri’s look. But I am far too heavy busted, even at 125 lbs, to wear this look. I also don’t like the cut away shoulder look. I like it in theory but every time I have ever tried on on, I felt it looked too much like something a hooker would wear.

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